Month: July 2019

Take ScreenShort on Mac

If you have a Mac and want to take a screenshot then you will definitely need to know 3 easiest methods or keyboard shortcuts, with which you can… Read More »

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Save Bank accounts

If you have a Bank Account, then definitely you would also have a Debit / Credit Card. Banking Services have undoubtedly made our lives a lot easier than… Read More »

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Daraz International Order

Daraz in collaboration International Vendors has launched a new feature which will allow local-buyers / customers to purchase more than 2 Million products, which will be delivered directly… Read More »

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Daewoo Bus Ticket Online

If you are a frequent traveler or a Daewoo Express Bus Service regular customer and want to avoid long queues to purchase the bus tickets to reach to… Read More »

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Enable SMS Delivery Report

SMS (Short Message Service) is the easiest way now-a-days, to stay in touch with your friends & family, as you can easily convey your message to the concerned… Read More »

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Lenovo Z6 New

Lenovo Z6 is all set to make its debut in the market as the latest cell phone is just 2 days away from its launch. The main attraction… Read More »

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PTA two Steps Verification

To register mobile phones, PTA has now introduced a better rather simple way “2 Steps Verification Process”. As we all know, that from now onwards if you are… Read More »

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Telenor Monthly Facebook and WhatsApp Offer

With Telenor Monthly Facebook and WhatsApp Package, customers can now stay connected for 1 whole month in just Rs. 50/- Telenor Monthly Facebook / WhatsApp Offer provides 3100MB… Read More »

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