Visit your Bank for Account Biometric Verification before 30th June

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Visit your Bank for Account Biometric Verification before 30th June

It’s been a while, that all Pakistani Banks Account Holders are receiving text messages from their Banks to visit any nearest branch for the Biometric Verification of their Accounts as there are still many people who haven’t done Biometric Verification yet.

In October 2018, State Bank Of Pakistan issued orders, according to which, all of the Commercial Banks, Microfinance as well as Development Finance Institutions also known as (DFIs) were instructed to verify Bank Accounts of their customers latest by June 30th, 2019.

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Moreover, State Bank Of Pakistan also made it compulsory, for all Banks to conduct Biometric Verification of all account holders in the year 2016 as before that, there was no electronic authentication system introduced and the entire operations/procedures were handled manually.      

We all are aware of the fake bank accounts issue with billions of Rupees. These fake bank accounts were opened and operated by misusing CNICs of random people. To combat this problem State Bank Of Pakistan made it compulsory for all banks to conduct Biometric Verification of all Bank Accounts which were opened before the year 2016.

Biometric Verification Process Of Bank Accounts

In December 2018, All of the Banks in Pakistan, started sending notification reminders in shape of Text messages to their customers to visit the bank to get their Biometric Verification done (as shown in the picture below).

Some of the banks require Account Holders to visit their branch (where they opened an account) for Biometric Verification, whereas most of the banks only need their customers to visit any nearest branch to get their biometric done.   

How to Check if your Bank Account is Biometric Verified

In case, if you don’t remember whether you have already done your Bank Account Biometric Verification, then you will need to follow these simple & easy steps to check whether your bank account is already biometric verified or not:

  1. Visit any of your nearest Bank Branch (Where you opened an account)
  2. It is mandatory to visit an ATM, which supports Biometric Verification (You can search it on Google by typing i.e. X.Y.Z Biometric ATM or you can also dial helpline of your bank to know in which branch or where exactly you can find Biometric ATM Machine)
  3. Then Press Enter Button or any other button, which is available on the ATM Machine
  4. Select your prefered language i.e. English / Urdu  
  5. In next step, you will need to enter your valid 13-digits CNIC Number
  6. Place your Right Thumb on Biometric Scanner (Available on the ATM Machine)
  7. A message will then be appeared on ATM Machine Screen if your account is verified or not i.e (You account is Biometric Verified) Or in case, if your account is not verified i.e (Please verify your Account).
  8. You can also visit, any nearest branch of your Bank and ask them that you want to know the confirmation of Biometric Verification of your Account. You will need to provide your CNIC number and they will inform you if you need to verify your account or it is already verified.
  9. By following all of the above mentioned simple steps, one can easily know if their bank accounts are biometric verified or not.

What will happen if you do not verify your Bank Account through Biometric Verification?

The State Bank Of Pakistan, has set a deadline to make sure that all the customers get their accounts verified latest by 30th June 2019. If you do not visit your Bank for the Biometric Verification of your account then your bank account will be blocked temporarily, which means you will be unable to avail the services offered by your Bank until unless you visit the branch and get your account verified.  

Some of the Bank Account Holders have also received Warning Letters that their accounts will be blocked if they won’t complete the process. If you have already gone through this process of Biometric Verification, then there is no need to undergo the same procedure again.

If your account is already biometric verified and you are still receiving these notification reminders to get your biometric done then it is highly recommended to visit your bank to confirm that your account is biometric verified or not. Stay tuned for more interesting news, reviews and updates!

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