Guide for Overseas, Travellers & Passengers Carrying Cell Phones to Pakistan

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Guide for Overseas, Travellers & Passengers Carrying Cell Phones to Pakistan

In this article, we will share complete information and FAQs for international/Overseas Pakistanis or travellers bringing in cell phones along with them. As we all know, that PTA has already confirmed that it will block all non-compliant devices latest by 1st December 2018.

In case, if you are an international traveller or passenger visiting Pakistan with a mobile phone, this guide is definitely going to be very useful for you as its purpose is to aware people about all those questions that people have in their minds about PTA – DIRBS.

  1. How many Cell Phones can I bring to Pakistan?

    As per Government’s policy, an international traveller or passenger can bring 5 mobile devices (Per Year) to the country for his/her personal use.

  2. How to use an International SIM Card while staying in Pakistan?

    To use an international SIM in your device, you don’t need any kind of registration or to go through any sort of procedure. International SIMs can be used freely while staying in Pakistan.

  3. How to use a Local Network SIM while staying in Pakistan in your Device?

    Customers in this situation will need to register their Mobile phone IMEIs to use local SIMs in their devices such as Zong, Telenor, Jazz, Ufone & Warid. This can be done via an online portal DIRBS – PTA or KIOSK facility provided at the customers desk.

  4. Will I need to pay duties while Carrying more than One phone along?

    One device will be exempted from duties and taxes whereas for other devices you will need to pay customs.

    For instance; if a passenger is carrying 3 devices with him then he will need to pay for 2 devices and 1 will be exempted from taxes and duties.

  5. Do I need to register a Cell phone that I purchased and already used in Pakistan before leaving?

    No, Travellers/Passengers carrying mobile phones that are already registered with PTA – DIRBS system will not need to go through registration procedure again.

  6. How to register a Cell phone which I am bringing for the first time in Pakistan?

    To do so, follow the steps given below:

    1. Find Out Device IMEI Number:

      Find Out Device IMEI Number

      • Find out device IMEI number which is printed at the back of your device
      • In case, if you are unable to find it then you will need to dial *#06# from your device and you will shortly receive your device IMEI number
  7. Registration on Arrival Airport:

    Submit your IMEI number CNIC/Passport or NICOP number (as per your choice) to customs officials and if you were to pay duties for your devices, pat them at Customs kiosk at the time of arrivals for a hasslefree immediate registration of IMEI number of your Cell phone.

  8. Register through PTA Online Portal:

    Register Phones PTA Online Portal


    To do so, you will need CNIC/Passport or NICOP number and customs detention document.

  1. Declare your mobile device IMEI to customs and pay taxes and duties
  2. In next step, you will receive Customs Detention Letter
  3. Then visit DIRBS
  4. Upload your Custom Detention Letter that you received earlier along with CNIC/Passport or NICOP number (as per your convenience)
  5. Please note that duty or taxes exemption for one device according to custom laws will not be provided for such applicants
  6. For further information please visit the links mentioned below
  7. PTA extends blocking Non-Compliant Devices after 20th October 2018
  8. How to Register your Device with PTA DIRBS
  9. PTA & FIA starts a crack down against all Non-Type Approved Mobile devices   

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