6 Easy Steps to Purchase Daewoo Bus Tickets Online (Mobile/App)

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6 Easy Steps to Purchase Daewoo Bus Tickets Online (Mobile/App)

If you are a frequent traveler or a Daewoo Express Bus Service regular customer and want to avoid long queues to purchase the bus tickets to reach to your destination, then you can now purchase Daewoo Bus Tickets Online through their Mobile-App as well as Website Portal

Daewoo Bus Service, for now operates more than 60 Terminals/Sub-Terminals in various cities of Pakistan. To facilitate customers, Daewoo Bus Service has introduced a mobile-application to purchase online tickets.

But that’s not all, as customers can also purchase tickets through Daewoo Bus Website. Have you checked your assets via FBR / NADRA Portal ? If no, then check here  

How to Purchase Daewoo Bus Ticket Online:

There are 2 different methods to purchase Daewoo Bus Ticket, please find complete details on how to purchase tickets online:

1. Buy Tickets via Daewoo Bus Service Website:

  1. Log onto Daewoo Pakistan Bus Service Official Website
  2. Create an Account or Enter Login Credentials (if you already have an account)
  3. Press Online Refund Link button, which is available at the top left corner of the screen
  4. You will now be redirected to Book Tickets section, here you can get all information including Departure Date, Time, Seat No. etc. 
  5. Enter the information into the required fields > Then Click Transaction Details
  6. In the next step, you will need to make payment in order to purchase tickets
  7. This way, one can easily purchase tickets online through Daewoo Bus Service Official Website 

2. Purchase Tickets via Daewoo Express Mobile App:

Besides Website, Daewoo Express Mobile App is yet another way to purchase tickets online by simply downloading and creating an account on Daewoo Express Mobile App. Here are the details:

  1. Book or purchase tickets with a few clicks

Daewoo Ticket App Step 01

  1. Daewoo Express Bus Service, offers a wide range of useful features and options from which you can choose your favorite one’s to make your journey more comfortable 

Daewoo Ticket App Step 02

  1. The app also offers, live updates i.e. if your bus is in-time or late etc.

Daewoo Ticket App Step 03

  1. This feature lets you check your desired seat availability (whether you love window-seat or aisle – in case if you prefer sleeping during your journey). This option is really helpful for males as well as females as it allows you to choose seats if you are a male then single click for Male or double click for Female


Daewoo Ticket App Step 04

  1. The App offers various Payment Method Options such as Jazz Cash, Credit Card, Wallet etc. just to make sure that the customers do not feel any difficulty while purchasing the tickets online 

Daewoo Ticket App Step 05

Download the App:

  • Android Users can download Daewoo Express Mobile App via Play Store
  • iOS users can download the App via App Store

Terms & Conditions:

  • Bus Fares may vary according to petrol prices
  • For further assistance, please dial Daewoo Contact Number (042) 111-007-008 
  • To purchase tickets online, please visit Daewoo Express Bus Service Website

If you haven’t avail purchasing online tickets via Daewoo Express Bus Service Mobile App / Website Portal, then give it a try to enjoy hassle-free comfortable journey.

Happy Travelling!  

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