8 Steps to Register any Cell Phone with PTA DIRBS Online for FREE

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8 Steps to Register any Cell Phone with PTA DIRBS Online for FREE

To facilitate Overseas Pakistanis as well as International Travellers, Pakistan Telecommunication Authority has introduced an all new web-based user-interface application named as DIRBS in collaboration with FBR to combat the problem of mobile phone regularisation and registration.

This initiative will surely help customers to pay duties and taxes online instead of standing in queues while entering Pakistan. The Department of FBR has setup separate procedures for the registration of cell phones which are brought in by international travellers, registration of the mobile phones by local applicant or registration of the devices that are imported by individuals via Courier/Postal Services and registration of mobile phones imported illegally via informal channels by local traders.

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PTA Online Device Registration System:

In order to register your mobile phone online with DIRBS, you will need to follow these simple and easy steps:

  1. Visit DIRBS

    DIRBS Registration Step 01

  3. You will need to Register your account if not already signed up

    DIRBS Registration Step 02

  5. Select the Purpose and User Type from the Dropdown Menu

    DIRBS Registration Step 03

  7. Enter your details in the required fields such as Name, Contact Number, Email, Postal Address, Passport Number etc.

    DIRBS Registration Step 04

  9. Hit the ‘Signup’ button now. You will then receive a confirmation Email with a link. All you need to do is click on the link a new login window with Email ID and Password will appear on your screen. Enter your details and login. You will then be redirected to declaration window.
  10. In the next step, press Individual COC button which is located at the left corner of the screen. Then Click on Apply for COC > My Applications

    DIRBS Registration Step 06

  12. In the next step, you will be redirected to an IMEI Screen, here at this stage you will need to enter your Contact Number as well as IMEI number of your mobile phone device. Device IMEI can be checked by simply dialing *#06#
  13. Now you will receive a text message on your phone number which you had enter earlier, showing a procedure if tax is required to be paid or not.

    DIRBS Registration Step 08

That’s it! You are now also eligible to track your application by simply pressing the My Applications button.

Additional Details:

Overseas Pakistanis or International Travellers can register their cell-phones brought in baggage within 60 days of their arrival in the country (Pakistan). This online portal can also be used by citizens of Pakistan (who reside in Pakistan) but they will need to pay fee accordingly whereas, Overseas Pakistanis can get their one (01) mobile device registered for absolutely FREE.

If you want to know the status of your mobile phone, then send your IMEI number which is comprised of a 15-digit code to 8484. You can also check your device status by visiting PTA website here or by simply installing DIRBS app from Google Play Store here. To register any non-compliant device with DIRBS please follow this link Device Registration System

That’s all for now, we will update you more on this as soon as we receive any update. Stay connected!

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