How to Register to DigiSkills Courses Online to get your dream job? (Step-by-Step Guide)

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How to Register to DigiSkills Courses Online to get your dream job? (Step-by-Step Guide)

The Government Of Pakistan with The Ministry Of Information Technology And Telecommunication has introduced DigiSkills – Training Pakistan to Grow project, to train Pakistani youth by introducing new opportunities for them. Here you can find complete details related to latest DigiSkills courses, registration, login and more.

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Table Of Contents:

  1. What is DigiSkills
  2. Infographics to understand how DigiSkills works
  3. DigiSkills courses list
  4. Why DigiSkills
  5. Limitless Opportunities
  6. Enhance Productive Skills
  7. Reliable Platform
  8. Pakistan to become no#1 in freelancing
  9. Equal Opportunity for Males/Females
  10. DigiSkills Sign up & Register details

1. What is DigiSkills:

digiskills mission statement

DigiSkills is basically an online training website with main focus to enhance skills of Pakistani people regarding Freelancing or DigiSkills. The best part about DigiSkills is; it’s absolutely free and only works for educational and training purposes. The image below will give you an idea of DigiSkills mission what exactly it is all about.

2. Infographic of the way Works:

  1. First of all, you will need to Sign Up @DigiSkills > Complete your Trainee Profile by Signing in to LMS > Choose your desired course > Get enrolled in offered course(s).
  2. Start Studying your desired course > Take Quizzes, Assessments or Exercises as per your course schedule calendar > Complete your course by submitting exercises and attempting Quizzes
  3. Get Certificate of Participation from

digiskills process infographic

There is a wide range of various Online courses available @DigiSkills, that are extremely beneficial for the youth of Pakistan.

3. DigiSkills Courses:

DigiSkills is currently offering ten (10) courses for anyone to enhance his/her knowledge by availing these training programs, which will surely help them to pursue their career in the right direction. These training courses, enable students capable enough to apply for various job opportunities within the country or abroad as well. Please find an updated list of all latest DigiSkills courses below:

  1. SEO Search Engine Optimization
  2. WordPress
  3. Digital Marketing
  4. Creative Writing
  5. E-Commerce Management
  6. Graphics Designing
  7. AutoCAD
  8. Freelancing
  9. QuickBooks
  10. Digital Literacy

4. Why Choose DigiSkills:

There are numerous reasons to apply for DigiSkills courses and training programs. Please find detailed-overview on why to choose DigiSkills below:

5. Countless Opportunities:

DigiSkills courses are chosen, designed and developed intelligently for the students, while considering the current highest market requirements. On successful completion of any course which is offered by DigiSkills, candidates will definitely be able to compete in the Global Village or all across the globe.

6. Enhance Productive Skills for Absolutely FREE

With every passing day, the technology is heading towards more & more advancement. DigiSkills actually makes you feel understand the basics of specialized training in addition to; how to earn smartly or increase working hours as the candidates get complete know how, so that they can adopt freelancing in future as a full-time online working opportunity which means (you can now become your own Boss).

7. Reliable:

DigiSkills is actually an authorized website which helps the people of Pakistan to enhance their knowledge/skills. Since, DigiSkills is introduced by the Government Of Pakistan, hence it’s reliable and trustworthy as it never asks for any investment and it’s an entirely free start-up program.

8. Pakistan to take the lead in the World of freelancing:

With DigiSkills, not only the people of Pakistan but also our country itself can take the lead to rank no# 1 in producing freelancers as well, this will surely help to boost the economy and address unemployment problems as well. For now, Pakistan is ranked on no# 4 which is quite impressive.

9. Females are encouraged to apply from the ease of their home

DigiSkills is an equal opportunity for male as well as female candidates. In our opinion it’s an extremely beneficial opportunity to avail, for all those people, who somehow can not visit any institution in person everyday. So it’s a huge initiative for everyone who want to enhance his/her skills to earn from the ease of their home.

10. How to Sign Up & Register for Free DigiSkills Courses:

  1. Candidates are encouraged to Sign up @DigiSkills
  2. Apply with confidence, for DigiSkills courses here
  3. Apply for your dream job

That’s all for now, we wish you good luck to enroll and start studying your desired courses @DigiSkills. Stay tuned for more interesting news, reviews and updates coming your way!

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