How to Secure your Mobile Phone – Explained by PTA

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How to Secure your Mobile Phone – Explained by PTA

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has recently shared 6 tips with which anyone can easily secure his/her mobile phone as PTA has launched a campaign to spread awareness among the general public regarding the use of mobile devices or other telecom services.

What is Mobile Security:

Mobile Handset Security which is also known as Wireless Security is actually the protection of Cell Phones, Tablets, Laptops or other gadgets (and the networks) these devices are connected to, from threats or vulnerabilities associated with wireless computing.

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How to Secure Your Mobile Handset:

PTA has issued below mentioned six (06) tips to protect mobile device, here are the details:


Mobile Phone Security

  1. Lock your Phone with a PIN Code or Password to avoid any misuse
  2. Download Trusted Apps only from Play Store or App Store
  3. Turn Off Bluetooth Connection (If not in use)
  4. Always encrypt Data on internal as well as external media
  5. Timely Install (System Updates / Patches)
  6. Always Use VPN while using Public WIFI or any untrusted network

To make your data or device, more secure we would recommend our readers to change your Password / PIN on-a-regular-basis, this will add more security.

We do not recommend our readers to download and use any of the third-party apps which are not available on the Google Play Store or App Store. These apps are less secure and can harm your device.

As far as the Bluetooth is concerned, Bluetooth is basically a wireless technology which supports hand-free, navigation, electronics via the internet of things (IOT). But, if security measures are not followed properly, this IOT thing can create major security risks. Hence, we highly recommend our readers to never forget to turn-off their Bluetooth (when not in use).

With the passage of time, access to public Wifi is becoming very common and if you use any Public Wifi then using a VPN to encrypt your connection is a must-to-do thing. This will surely help to protect your Data as most of the times it is not clear whether the Wifi Connection rather Public Wifi that you are connected with; is actually secure or not ?

So, to combat this issue, we will always recommend our readers to use VPN for encryption. This was all about how to secure your device. Stay tuned!

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