What is Pakistan Citizen Portal, How to use it & How it works?

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What is Pakistan Citizen Portal, How to use it & How it works?

Recently, Mr. Imran Khan (Prime Minister Of Pakistan) has introduced Pakistan Citizen Portal also known as (PCP). This portal will actually help citizens of Pakistan to launch their complaints regarding any issues they are facing or going through.

Citizens can launch a complaint regarding any issue by using Cell phone Application, Email, Facebook Account or via Website. Citizens can also avail the opportunity to register their complaints through a Toll-Free number.

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That’s not all, as Government Departments also aim to hold Khuli Kachehri (Open Courts) to receive and entertain citizens’ complaints. These complaints will probably be resolved within a given time span in a transparent manner for the satisfaction of the citizens or complainant.

What is Pakistan Citizen Portal:

Pakistan Citizen Portal is an advanced complaint redressal system that is synced/connected with all Government Departments. The Prime Minister Office, itself will monitor the entire system.

How does Pakistan Citizen Portal Work:

PCP is a user-friendly system that actually enable citizens to register themselves through a mobile-phone application on the portal, in order to launch their complaints to the concerned Government Departments or Higher Authorities.

Customers can easily download Pakistan Citizen Portal Application from Google Play Store here

Who Can Use Pakistan Citizen Portal:

Every Pakistani Citizen (who is residing in Pakistan & Abroad) which includes INLAND CITIZENS – OVERSEAS PAKISTANIS & FOREIGNERS, is eligible to register a complaint via PCP Application.

In our opinion, Prime Minister Of Pakistan has surely taken a great initiative towards the betterment of the all Government Departments and of course the country. This step is undoubtedly is a historic move by the Government Of Pakistan to make a direct bridge between the citizens and the government. This portal will also be helpful to provide all citizens the equality in rights.

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