How to earn upto Rs. 80,000 Per Month with PITB E-Rozgaar Training Program

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How to earn upto Rs. 80,000 Per Month with PITB E-Rozgaar Training Program

PITB has just launched the E-Rozgaar Training Program and the registration has already been started. This newly launched program is basically introduced by the Ministry Of Youth Affairs & Sports to train jobless graduates to find reputable jobs and enhance their skills.

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The main focus of E-Rozgaar Training Program is to decrease unemployment in the country. If you want to choose freelance career then PITB E-Rozgaar Training Program is definitely going to be the perfect platform for you which can surely help you to improve your skills.

How to Apply for e-Rozgaar Training Program:

Speaking of the PITB e-Rozgaar Training Program, we would like to share some important details with you. e-Rozgaar is a three-months absolutely FREE training course (without any FEE) and it is only offered in the province of Punjab.

There are around twenty-seven (27) centers located in different areas of the Punjab and amongst these 27 centers five (05) of the centers are dedicated for women only.


PITB e-Rozgar

People in small cities of Punjab are not quite familiar or well-aware of the fact that they can earn handsome amount money online by simply working from home. Hence, keeping this situation in mind the Government Of Pakistan has taken this initiative to make people aware on how they can earn money without leaving their cities or homes in the search of jobs.

According to a rough estimate, graduates can earn between Rs. 40,000 to Rs. 80,000 Per Month through simply working from home, if they successfully complete their course which is offered by PITB e-Rozgaar Training Program.

So, if you are a young graduate and want to become financially stable, then PITB e-Rozgaar Training Program is surely going to be the perfect opportunity for you. To register yourself or to fill out PITB e-Rozgaar Training Program now please visit here. Stay connected for more updates coming your way.

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