Mobilink Jazz 4G Wifi Device Packages, Specs & Prices – Dongles / Wingles / Mifi 2019 (Latest)

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Mobilink Jazz 4G Wifi Device Packages, Specs & Prices – Dongles / Wingles / Mifi 2019 (Latest)

Jazz has introduced various for its customers, so that they can easily choose one according to their budget and requirement to fulfill all of their internet needs. In this article, we will briefly discuss all latest Jazz Wifi Device Packages & updated Prices 2019.

These packages includes Jazz unlimited 4G device packages and many more. Here, we have gathered all available updated packages. Hence, you can easily choose one according to your need and affordability. Moreover, these packages can be used for all of the below mentioned devices.

Jazz Internet Packages Hourly, Nightly, Daily, 3 Day, Weekly, Monthly (Prepaid/Postpaid)  

Table Of Contents:

  1. Jazz Speednet Stick Device / Price
  2. Jazz 4G Wingle Wifi Device / Price
  3. Jazz 4G Wifi Device / Price
  4. Jazz 4G Device Packages (Limited/Unlimited)

Jazz Wifi Device Price in Pakistan 2019:

In this section, you can find various Jazz Wifi Devices such as Jazz Speednet Stick, Jazz 3G Wingle with Wifi and Jazz Wi-Fi device. Please find complete details related to these devices below along with latest packages and updated Jazz Wifi device prices.


1. Jazz 4G Speednet Stick:

Jazz Speednet Stick is basically a plug & play USB gadget that enables users to connect it with their Laptop or PC. The device can easily be connected without any installation. Device Price is Rs. 700

Jazz 4G Speednet Stick Specifications:

Maximum number of users 1 PC or Laptop
Maximum Internet Speed Upto 7.2 Mbps
SD Card Slot Micro SD
Power Source Any USB port of Laptop or PC
Wifi Bands 10 Mhz
Plug & Play Support Yes

Jazz Speednet Stick Device Availability: In Stock Buy now

2. Jazz 4G Wingle with Wifi:

Jazz 4G Wingle is another Plug & Play device, which can easily be connected to any Laptop or PC. The device needs to be continuously connected to a power supply for constant internet usage. The device can be either connected to a standard USB port on PC or customers can also install their devices on any certified USB wall plug. 10 users simultaneously can use this device and its price is Rs. 1,850/- only.

Jazz 4G Wingle with Wifi Device Specifications:

Maximum number of users 10 users simultaneously
Plug n Play Yes
Power Supply/Source standard USB ports on PCs / USB wall plug

Jazz 4G Wingle with Wifi Device Availability: In Stock Visit Store now to buy

3. Jazz 4G Wifi Device:

Jazz 4G Wifi Device is yet another addition to the list of all latest Jazz 4G Wifi Device Packages 2019 which can deploy a 4G hotspot in user’s surroundings and is a rechargeable Wifi Device. If you charge the device to the fullest, this means that you can use internet at home as well as on the go conveniently. If we talk about the battery timings, Jazz 4G Wifi device can last somewhere around 6 hours on a single charge. Customers can connect upto 10 devices on Wifi network simultaneously (at the same time). Device charges are Rs. 2,850/- only.

Jazz 4G Wifi Device Specifications:

Power Source Rechargeable
Maximum number of users 10 users can use this device simultaneously
Plug & Play Yes, Supported

Jazz 4G Wifi Device Availability: In Stock Shop now

4. Jazz 4G Wifi Device Packages / MBB Plans:

The packages which we are going to share the details of with you, can be used with all of the aforementioned Jazz 4G Wifi Devices. Please find complete details below:

Package Price Data Validity Subscribe Status Code Unsubscribe
Jazz Monthly Internet Basic Package Rs. 999 15GB 30 Days *117*71# *117*71*2# *117*71*4#
Jazz Monthly Internet Regular Package Rs. 1500 36GB 30 Days *117*73# *117*73*2# *117*73*4#
Jazz Monthly Heavy Internet Package   Rs. 2500 75GB 30 Days *117*74# *117*74*2# *117*74*4#

Terms & Conditions:

  1. All the above mentioned internet packages are recursive and will be auto-subscribed after their expiry.
  2. Internet will be offered on Jazz 3G/4G network and package status codes can be dialed for absolutely FREE with zero charges.
  3. All of the above given prices are inclusive of taxes.
  4. Jazz is not offering the “Pay as you go” option after a bundle expires.
  5. SIMs provided with internet devices cannot be used for receiving or making calls or SMS.

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