Jazz Ramzan Offer enables you to set Islamic Jazz Tunes

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Jazz Ramzan Offer enables you to set Islamic Jazz Tunes

Jazz Tunes is a one stop destination for all ringtone and caller tune lovers. With Jazz Tune, you can easily set ringtones from various categories i.e. Religious tunes, Pakistani, Folk, Classical, Hollywood and Bollywood song and many more. Set any of your favourites islamic tune as your Jazz tune.

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Following is an updated list of How to set Jazz Tunes (Islamic Jazz Tunes). You can read full article or simply click on the titles below to jump straight to your desired section:

  1. Jazz Tunes (Islamic Tunes) Offer Details
  2. How to Manage your Jazz Tunes
  3. Status Jazz Tunes
  4. Personalized Jazz Tunes
  5. Block List Feature
  6. Direct Download Feature
  7. *2330# Search Menu
  8. Jazz Tunes Star
  9. Jazz Tunes Bundles
  10. 2301 Top Tunes
  11. Badalti Jazz Tunes & Apni Dhun
  12. 230 IVR

Jazz Tunes (Islamic Tunes) Offer Details:

  1. Offer Charges Subscription: Rs. 1.68/ Day (Incl.Tax)
  2. How to Subscribe Dial 230 or send ‘sub’ to 230
  3. How to Unsubscribe Dial 230 or send ‘unsub’ to 230
  4. IVR: Rs. 2.38 per minute
  5. SMS: Rs, 9.55 per SMS
  6. *Tax Inclusive

Manage your Jazz Tunes:

To know the code of your favourite Jazz Islamic Tune or to set your favourite tune as your caller tune or to manage you Jazz tune simply visit Jazz Tunes

Status Jazz Tunes:

Status Jazz Tunes gives you the freedom to set a particular Status Jazz Tune for a specified time span.

Usage Send an SMS to 2303 or dial the USSD menu *2303# and choose a Status from the available options
Charges Rs. 0.12 per SMS *Tax inclusive

Personalized Jazz Tunes:

Personalized Jazz Tunes allows you to set specific Jazz Tunes for special callers. You can set different items from the Jazz Tunes library for your special callers.

Usage SMS ‘lib’ to 2301
Charges Rs. 1.20 per SMS (Tax inclusive)

Block List Option:

With the Jazz Tunes Block List feature users can block specific callers from listening to their Jazz Tunes.

Usage Send Block MSISDN to 2303
Charges Rs. 0.12 per SMS (Tax inclusive)

Service Commands:

Action Command
To block a particular number SMS ‘block MSISDN’ to 2303
To unblock a particular number SMS ‘unblock MSISDN’ to 2303
To view a list of numbers blocked SMS ‘blocklist MSISDN’ to 2303

Direct Download Option:

With Direct Download *2301* [jazztunecode]# string, users can directly set and download their favorite Jazz Tunes

Usage Dial *2301* [jazztunecode# to directly download and set the desired Jazz Tune.
Charges Rs. 9.55 per download (Tax inclusive)

With the *2330# Search Menu, users can search favorite Jazz Tunes with; artist’s name, song name or movie name. The customers can set their desired Jazz Tune directly through the search menu.

Usage Dial *2330# to access the Jazz Tunes Search Menu
Charges *2330# Search Menu Browsing Rs. 0.12 per session (Tax inclusive)

Jazz Tunes Star:

Copy your desired Jazz Tunes while listening to any other Jazz Tune.

Usage Press *3 to copy a Jazz Tune, while listening to any Jazz Tune during the ringing period or before the call is connected
Charges Rs. 9.55 per download (Tax inclusive)

Jazz Tunes Bundles:


With Jazz Tunes Weekly Bundle, customers can enjoy 200 free minutes of 230 IVR. The validity of the bundle is one week

Subscription Dial *230*7#How to Check Balance: Dial *230*7*2#
Un-subscription Dial *230*7*4#
Charges Subscription Charges Rs. 11.94 per week *Tax inclusive

2301 Top Tunes:

Users can dial 2301 Top Tunes to download the latest hit Jazz Tunes and Apni Dhun directly on their mobile devices. The 2301 IVR consists of various categories such as: Top Asian, Top Pakistani, Top Regional, Top Islamic and other sub categories.

Usage Dial 2301 and select a specific category to hear a list of songs being played. To set a song as your Jazz Tune or Apni Dhun press 3 while listening to the song
Charges Rs. 0.60 per minute Download by pressing 3: Rs. 9.55 per download

Badalti Jazz Tunes & Apni Dhun:

With Badalti Jazz Tunes, users can get their callers to hear a different Jazz Tune on every call.

Subscription Send ‘sub’ to 6008
Un-subscription Badalti Jazz Tune:Send ‘unsub’ 6008 Badalti Apni Dhun:Send ‘unsubad’ 6008
Charges Free of cost

230 IVR:

For Jazz Tunes dial 230 IVR.

On the Jazz Tunes Menu, you can browse and download Jazz Tunes of your preference from the following categories:

  • Pakistani (Top 10, New Releases, Ghazals, Pop, Punjabi, Balochi, Pushto, Sindhi, Others)
  • Asian (Top 10, New Releases, Classics, Punjabi, Others)
  • English (Top 10, New Releases, Classics, Rock, RnB, Others)
  • Arabic(Top 10, New Releases, Classics)
  • Jazz Themes
  • Movies
  • Instrumental
  • Religious
  • Miscellaneous

My Album:

Customer’s downloaded Jazz Tunes are saved in the folder called “My Album” and can be accessed at any time by calling 230 IVR

Caller Group Settings:

To set caller group, all you need to do is call 230 IVR, specify the Jazz Tune that you want to set and the caller for whom you want to set that Jazz Tune. Whenever the desired caller calls, he/she will be able to listen to the Jazz Tune especially set for him/her

Jazz Tunes Application:

Download Jazz Tunes Application for Android

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