With Jazz Azadi Offer Get Mobilink Wifi Device with 75 GB Internet in just Rs. 2500

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Jazz Azadi Offer

In spirit for celebrating Independence day, Jazz has introduced an offer called Jazz MBB Azadi Offer. With this offer, All Jazz MBB new sale customers can get FREE Jazz MBB Device on BVS activation of 75GB in just Rs. 2500/- (monthly bundle) from August 13th to August 17th.

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Jazz MBB Azadi Offer Details:

  1. 75GB @ Rs 2500 package activation is mandatory at the time of BVS sale
  2. Device will be FREE for customers, and Customer will only need to pay Rs 2500 for 75GB monthly MBB bundle
  3. It is a limited time offer, for all new MBB BVS sales during 13 -17Aug (both dates included)
  4. New BVS sales on any other package will not be eligible for Free Device Offer
  5. 75GB @ Rs. 2500 bundle subscriptions from existing customers will not be eligible for Free Device Offer
  6. Free Device can be Jazz Super 4G WiFi or Wingle

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Jazz Azadi Offer