Jazz launches eSIM Technology with Gemalto Management Platform

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Jazz launches eSIM Technology with Gemalto Management Platform

Jazz has introduced eSIM (Embedded SIM) Technology for the very first time in Pakistan, for its customers all across the country in collaboration with Gemalto (a very famous international digital security firm).

Jazz eSIM Technology will actually enable customers to integrate multiple SIM Card Numbers directly into their iOT devices or Mobile phones via internet, but customers will need to make sure that they have a compatible device or a cell phone.

1. Jazz eSIM Technology/Service Details:

Jazz Embedded SIM Technology will give you the freedom to switch between multiple subscriptions, remove/delete previous or old SIM profiles or download Data Plans within the same device without physically switching SIM Cards. Not only this, but this newly introduced technology works on all eSIM compatible devices such as Tablets, Laptops, Wearables, iOT Devices, iPhone XS, XR / XS Max & more.

According to Mr. Asif Aziz who works as a Chief Commercial Officer at Jazz,

Jazz is, and always will be, committed to ensuring that our consumers realize the full benefits and the true potential of eSIM enabled devices. By partnering up with Gemalto, Jazz can provide our subscribers with easy real-time control which they can access anywhere and at any time. We pride ourselves as the pioneers of the digital revolution in Pakistan and as such we shall keep innovating our way to achieving our goals.”

Whereas, Sherry ZameerSVP Digital Identity & Security for CISMEA region at Thales (Gemalto) said,

“We are excited to work with the country’s leading mobile operator, Jazz, on this ground-breaking first launch of the Subscription Management platform. The implementation will drive forth seamless connectivity and an enhanced user experience to millions of users across the country, driving the digital transformation in Pakistan. We look forward to a successful and long standing partnership with Jazz Pakistan, underpinning a commitment to innovation and the delivery of outstanding service”.

By associating with Gemalto, Jazz can take benefits of the globe’s most popular eSIM management platform across mobile operators, car manufacturing companies, operator alliances and mobile virtual network operators. Check out our latest Jazz Call Packages 2019 (Daily, Weekly, Monthly)  

2. Phones that Support eSIM Service:

Only the below-mentioned phones currently support eSIM Technology:

  1. iPhone XS / XS Max
  2. iPhone XR
  3. Google Pixel 3
  4. Google Pixel XL

3. How to Activate Jazz eSIM:

Jazz customers can digitally enable SIM through WiFi or by simply visiting any nearest Jazz Business Center to get registered to the newly introduced service on their current Jazz number. Once the registration is done successfully, the customer then will receive a QR Code on a voucher, which will then be required to be scanned under the Phone/Device Settings.

What are you waiting for? Get your Jazz eSIM enabled today, as for a limited time, to promote this service as well as new partnership between Jazz & Gemalto, Jazz is offering eSIM activation service for absolutely free (without any charges).

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