10 Best Android Keyboard Apps to improve your Typing in 2019

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10 Best Android Keyboard Apps to improve your Typing in 2019

If you are using an Android phone, there is a high chance that you are probably relying on Android Default Keyboard. The built-in Keyboard App in your Android would probably be the best Keyboard App but still there are a lot of very specific, cool and countless options for third-party Android keyboard apps that are available on Google Play Store which you could probably try.

These third-party keyboard apps come with beautiful themes, best variety of keyboard click sounds, new features, advanced swiping gestures and most of all customizable layouts with which you can easily create and design your own themes, layouts and can even choose typing feedback.

If we specifically talk about alternative keyboard apps, we always want an efficient keyboard so that we can stay up-to-date on the advanced features. Hence, we have come up with a list of 10 most trusted and highly secured third-party keyboard apps for Android which can easily be used as an alternative keyboard.

Best Keyboard Apps for Android 2019:

1. Gboard:


gboard Keyboard App

Gboard Android is considered as one of the most reliable keyboard apps available on the Google Play Store. It enable users to type faster sliding their fingers from letter to letter, using the voice typing feature you can easily dictate text on the go and with the handwriting mode you can easily write in cursive and printed letters in 100 languages.

The best feature of Gboard, which I like the most is its Search & Share feature, all you need to do is simply Press the ‘G’ button to search or even share anything from Google. The multilingual typing option allow users to conveniently type in various languages without switching between languages manually. Gboard will autocorrect and suggest from any of your enabled languages. Google Translate feature can translate any text which you type in the keyboard.

It additional functionality includes options for beautiful themes voice detection, hand-drawn emoji predictions, one-hand mode and lots more. The best part is, it doesn’t display any ads or includes any in-app purchases.

Download Gboard (Free)

2. Swiftkey Keyboard:


SwiftKey Keyboard App

Swiftkey is one of the most reliable app to be used as an alternative keyboard on any iOS or Android phone. Swiftkey is an intelligent keyboard by Microsoft which learns your typing style, hence it helps you type faster and without mistakes.

Swiftkey offers many useful features such as Tap to type or swipe to type option, Spell checker and Auto text A.I powered predictions, Toolbar which is the expandable menu filled with all important quick shortcuts. Use GIFs, Emojis and Smileys to express yourself.

When it comes to customization, Swiftkey lets you enjoy 100+ beautiful themes, you can even create your own theme with customized background, size and layout. The app also allow users to enjoy 4 exclusive keyboard click sounds and one hand mode makes it easy to type on devices that are big in size.

The best part about Swiftkey is that you can enable upto five different languages at once with the Multilingual keyboard feature and it supports over 300 languages. Download Swiftkey now to get the custom keyboard that always matches your style according to your liking.

Download Swiftkey Keyboard (Free)

3. TouchPal Keyboard:


Touchpal Keyboard App

TouchPal is an award winning keyboard app (GSMA Global Mobile Awards) with fun emoji, auto-correct, glide-typing and predictive test option. You can easily type fast with the one-hand mode (single handedly) by simply gliding on the letters.  

If you have not used TouchPal yet, you have probably missed the chance to enjoy tremendous typing experience as besides extraordinary typing options, it also offers 5000+ free keyboard themes, 300+ emoji, gifs, pop smileys and stickers.

You can also fully customize your keyboard as per your liking i.e. set your favorite photos as backgrounds and more. In short, TouchPal is feature-rich and offers all necessary options for instance; Voice typing, Glide typing, Gesture Typing, Number Row, One-hand mode, Multilingual Support, Voice recognition, Talia TouchPal Keyboard personal AI Assistant, Fancy Fonts and many more.

Download TouchPal Keyboard (Free)

4. Chrooma Keyboard:


Chrooma Keyboard App

Chrooma Keyboard is a lightweight fast keyboard which adapts it color theme to the app you are using. The keyboard basically is powered by Smart Artificial Intelligence that provides better contextual prediction. The all new rather exclusive neural action raw help users find emoji, numbers, punctuations, suggestions and more.

You can easily customize this keyboard according to your liking from a wide range of themes, font styles, keyboard click sounds, keyboard size (one-hand mode, full size etc.) The Keyboard covers some additional functionalities like number row, GIF search, Emoji, multilingual support, predictive or suggestive typing, glide typing option etc.

It also has a ‘Night Mode’ which works with the help of sensors. With this feature, the keyboard basically change the color of tone (if enabled) in dark places or at night. You can easily set times and program Night mode in the Settings menu.

The App has a free version but it also offers in-app purchases. If we talk about the paid version, it provides more customization options for instance; disable action row, get more themes and unlock different themes layouts.

Download Chrooma Keyboard App (Free)

5. Fleksy Keyboard:


Fleksy Keyboard App

Fleksy Keyboard by Thingthing Ltd is the most private customizable keyboard to search, share or type and is also officially known as World’s Fastest Keyboard. With fleksy, you can can do a lot, find and send GIFs, Stickers, search the web privately with Qwant, customize the whole look of your keyboard with powerful extensions and beautiful themes.

In addition to the aforementioned amazing features, this keyboard offers excellent auto-correct option plus the natural gestures feature enable users to simply swipe left to delete a word or swipe right to add a space.

You can use Fleksy Extensions to fully customize your keyboard get accurate predictions & suggestions, launch apps right from your keyboard, adjust the size of your keyboard according to your convenience between 3 different sizes, access number row easily, enjoy fun rainbow pop effect, enjoy 50+ colorful themes, choose different emoji skin colors and lots more.

The best part is, that Fleksy follows a strict privacy policy and hence, does not collect any of your personal information without your permission. The app is available on Google Play Store and does not display Ads.

Download Fleksy Keyboard (Free)

6. A.I Type Keyboard:


A.I Type Keyboard App

A.I Type Keyboard is the most smartest and intelligent keyboard with over 40 million users worldwide. You can do many things with A.I Type keyboard such as you can select from a huge variety of fonts, one that best suits your style, you can also use customized animated GIFs & Stickers and most of all, you can design your own keyboard according to your liking.

You can change themes, fonts style, or even can use more than 800+ emojis to express yourself exactly the way you want. The keyboard also offers exciting Auto-suggested emojis, it also has the most powerful next-word suggestion, completion or auto-correction feature.

With  A.I Type Keyboard you can type faster than ever by simply swiping your finger from key-to-key. Not only this, but you can also enable efficient top row that lets you use the top 5th row to efficiently add numbers, punctuation or your favourite emojis from the primary keyboard screen. A.I Type supports more than 50 languages.

Download A.I Type Keyboard (Free)

7. Cheetah Keyboard:


Cheetah Keyboard App

If you want to make your typing experience fast, accurate and fun then Cheetah Keyboard is the right choice for you as this keyboard is highly equipped with many useful features such as Smart Reply, Gesture Typing, AI-Powered Prediction Option, Auto-correction, Funny Emojis and more.

Cheetah Keyboard’s custom keyboard theme option, lets you design and develop your own theme according to what you like for instance; you can choose your own photo as a background image or any other wallpaper, you can also choose different colors to decorate your keyboard along with various font styles.

The best part about Cheetah Keyboard is that it allow users to enjoy 3D animated emojis such as baby chick, frog, husky, duckling, blowfish etc. Cheetah Keyboard special GIF collections contains all of the most famous memes and GIFs. Smart Reply feature gives you the accurate suggestions to send as reply to the messages you receive.

Cheetah Keyboard provides real 3D themes with real 3D engine i.e. 3D Parallax themes, Gravity themes and so many other new 3D themes. So install Cheetah Keyboard now to experience endless possibilities to decorate/customize your keyboard as per your liking.

Download Cheetah Keyboard (Free)

8. Typany Emoji Keyboard – DIY Message & Photo Keyboard:


Typany Emoji Keyboard App

Well, have you ever thought of any keyboard that actually offers DIY feature to decorate your Theme, Emoji, Animoji, DIY Message, Sound, Font and more ? Well, Typany offers all these options under one roof. But the best part is yet to come, as Typany supports instant translation feature of 100+ languages. Get real-time translations as you type.

Typany is undoubtedly a high rating all-in-one keyboard app that actually offers you a high-speed as well as personalized typing experience. Type anything in your native language with powerful Typany Translator mode it can be used in WhatsApp, Facebook, Messenger, Slack etc.

With Typany’s powerful neural network A.I Powered input model you can type even faster and better than ever before. Typany’s A.I. Assistant TiPi, lets you search or share anything without leaving the keyboard. Customize your font style or even keyboard click sounds with Typany. The Voice input allows you to free up hands in case if you are tired of using QWERTY keyboard.

Moreover, Typany Keyboard works with Tenor to provide latest GIFs & Stickers. This feature contains all types of most popular memes and GIFs. When it comes to languages, the keyboard supports more than 130 languages. The app requires Android version 4.1 or up to download and contain Ads and offers in-app purchases.

Download Typany Keyboard (Free)       

9. Facemoji Emoji Keyboard:


Facemoji Emoji Keyboard App

Facemoji Emoji Keyboard is an absolutely free to download keyboard available on the Play Store with over 3600 Emoji emoticons, Stickers, GIFs to help you spice up your chats in Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and more. It also offers a huge variety of cool keyboard themes and you can even add your own photos as a background image.

Facemoji Emoji even allows you to choose your keyboard buttons, tapping effects, or even music all by yourself. You can send thousands of customized trendy GIFs as well as Stickers. Features like Smart input, Auto-correction, Fast typing gestures, Word Predictions and many more provides you a whole new experience of typing.

The app requires Android version 4.0.3 or up to download, contain Ads and offers in-app purchases. If you are an Emoji lover and use lots and lots of Emoji in your chats while typing then we will suggest you to give it a try as Facemoji Emoji has everything you want in a keyboard.

Download Facemoji Emoji Keyboard (Free)  

10. Hitap Keyboard:


Hitap Keyboard App

Hitap Keyboard is the first music keyboard of the world as you can type keyboard like playing piano. The keyboard contains more than 80+ languages with which you can easily input any language. The app has over 50 million downloads as this is the only keyboard available on the Google Play Store which offers music themes, picture themes, emojis, emoticons, stickers and more all under-one-roof.

It’s small and exquisite as it is only 5M in size but its fastest operation efficiency adds it into the list of top android keyboards due to its reliability and accuracy. A huge variety of keyboard themes are free to download. These keyboard themes accompany sounds, special typing effects/feedbacks, exclusive typefaces and more.

Hitap is the fastest keyboard that actually memorize your typing patterns, habits, characters and even it rectifies your typing errors automatically. With the shortcut input option, by inputting one letter, the word you needed will be provided. So download Hitap Keyboard to improve your typing experience today.

Download Hitap Keyboard (Free)       

Security Measures:

The are some third-party keyboard apps which may harm your device, so be wary while downloading any keyboard app. Here we would like to share a tip with you to avoid any virus or malware; you should always download any keyboard app from the Google Play Store instead of unknown resources.

There are several keyboard apps which install adware and other annoying third-party apps alongside the keyboard app. If you are not careful while downloading a keyboard, there’s a chance that you may end up with lock-screen ads pop-up problem or annoying notifications.

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