Apple’s next gadget may pack charging through WIFI facility

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Apple’s next gadget may pack charging through WIFI facility

Recently, an exclusive patented technology by Apple has unveiled
that the upcoming Apple gadgets may pack the ability to charge only
while linked to the WIFI.According to reports, the company is
working on a brand new technology which will surely be introduced soon
and will have the option to charge a cell phone by harvesting the energy
transmitted via radio signals. This technology can allow the users to
easily charge their batteries wirelessly or through WIFI signals,
satellite signals or mobile data signals.

The company would might be using the
spectrum of radio waves or signals which is specifically used for data
transmission. For this purpose, special antennas would be used to
harvest energies which may not be possible via the typical antennas.The complete setup will come with two
(02) set of devices, one would be used for the transmitter device and
the other one would be used to catch signals or waves.  

For now, the wireless charging range
that will charge the cellphone is limited. However, the company is still
working to increase the range by applying various advanced techniques.

The company already has published as much as five (05) various wireless charging patents during this year. It’s been awhile that we are already
hearing rumors about the company is trying to incorporate long-distance
wireless charging technology for its future Flagship Devices. But the
new data waves charging technology however looks interesting. Stay
connected for more updates. 

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