Try Out These 7 Best Android Launchers to give your Phone a new look in 2019

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Try Out These 7 Best Android Launchers to give your Phone a new look in 2019

We are all aware of Android customizability and we can customize almost everything on an Android device but most of the Android users’ still are not fully aware of the fact that they can customize various elements of an Android phone just to create a beautiful rather personalized experience and in this article, we are here to share with you a list of all top fastest Android launchers.

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Table Of Contents:

  1. Nova Launcher
  2. ADW Launcher 2
  3. Lean Launcher
  4. Yandex Launcher
  5. Power+ Launcher
  6. Apex Launcher
  7. TSF 3D Launcher


Android Launchers:

Most of the customization lovers prefer Android over any other mobile operating system, the reason is endless customization options. If we specifically talk about Launchers – They are of course highly customizable part of Android OS and these devices are mostly not able to be used properly without Launchers.

Android Launchers are based on 2 major parts Home Screen section and the another section is the App Drawer (Catalogue) where all of the Applications are available hence one can easily find any app.

Default Launchers Vs Third Party Launchers for Android:

Here, we will provide you with a comparison on why you should try any third-party launcher instead of your Default Android Launcher. So, when it comes to customization, there are lots & lots of Third-party Launchers available on the Google Play Store.

Most of the people already prefer third-party launchers instead of their stock launcher just because third-party launchers offers a lot more customization options to Android users instead of the Default Launchers. Hence, one can easily change whole look of his/her device by simply downloading any Launcher according to their liking from the Play Store.

With the passage of time, Third-party Launchers for Android have become efficient, feature-rich and even beautiful and has come up with a list of top 7 Android Launchers for your phone, just to save your time and you from annoyance of searching for different launchers from an immense list of Third-Party Launchers available on the Google Play Store.

1. Nova Launcher:


Nova Launcher App

Nova Launcher is one of the top launchers available on the Google Play Store which replaces your home screen and you can customize almost everything on your devices i.e. Home Screen Layout, App Drawer Style, Icon shapes, App Open/Close Animations, Subgrid positioning, Enable Infinite Scroll, Scrollable Dock, Widgets in Dock and a lot more.

The best part that I personally like about Nova Launcher is that after downloading it, you don’t need to rebuild your desktop from the scratch as Nova Launcher is capable of importing overall layouts from the most popular launchers, including the device’s default launcher.

Tons of ‘gestures’ such as Pinch, Swipe, Double-Tap etc. makes your phone more handy and you can easily open you favourite apps with just a few taps. With the ‘Unread counts option’, you can never ever miss any important notification.

You can also create your own ‘Custom Drawer Groups’ which allow users to create new folders, tabs in the App drawer. With Nova Launcher, you can now keep a clean app drawer by simply hiding never-used apps. Scroll effects like Accordian, Wipe, Throw and more makes your phone look beautiful as well as up-to-date.

Download Nova Launcher (FREE)

2. ADW Launcher 2:


ADW Launcher App

ADW Launcher 2 is a fast, reliable and easy to use Launcher with endless customization options and that too for absolutely FREE. ADW Launcher 2 allow users to change the whole look of their devices quite conveniently. Its Dynamic coloring feature using wallpaper colors gives your device a fresh look, everytime you change your wallpaper.

The icon badges and app indexing on the app drawer, shortcuts, tons of gestures, transition animations and so many other useful options make this launcher unique as well as different from other launchers that are available on the Google Play Store.

The app is available to download for absolutely free on the Play Store, requires Android OS version 2.3 or up to work properly and offers in-app purchases.  

Download ADW Launcher 2 (FREE)

3. Lean Launcher:


Lean Launcher App

Lean Launcher by Hundeva is basically an open source, lightweight launcher for Android with pretty smart customization options. If you are a Pixel device fan, then you should definitely give Lean Launcher a try as it’s simple, stable and reliable.

The Launcher offers wide range of customization such as Notification Dots, or Search UI, you can adjust the search bar as per your liking i.e. Bottom Search Bar, App Suggestions Bar or App Search Bar. The voice search shortcut gives you the ease to find anything without typing.

When it comes to the Look & Feel Option, Lean launcher offers light, dark or even automatic theme color based on your wallpaper. You can change Grid size, Icon Size or add swipe indicator. Just like other top Android Launchers, you can also find the ‘Hide Apps’ option in Lean Launcher too.

The useful Gestures & Actions feature allow users to perform various task with just a few taps such as open any app with gesture or swipe down gesture shows notifications. Other important features include Home Screen Rotation, Physical Animations, Lockable Desktop and Transparent navigation bar.

The App is free to install on Google Play Store, requires Android version 5.0 and up to work properly with no annoying Ads and does not offer in-app purchases.

Download Lean Launcher (FREE)  

4. Yandex Launcher:


Yandex Launcher App

Yandex Launcher is a smooth as silk Launcher that lets you customize your Android device according to your liking plus optimize your device. This simple, reliable and easy-to-use launchers works intelligently on all supported Android devices.

Yandex offers hundreds of useful customization options such as you can choose any wallpaper or theme from collections according to your mood or style. You can also look up for contacts and other applications in your phone with Fast Search Feature.

The 1-Tap Boost rather magical boost automatically close unnecessary processes running in the background of your Android device. You can also download any third-party icon packs that looks best with the theme you have set.

The Personal recommendations option which is available within the app, gives you the opportunity to view interesting content based on your ‘interests’ which is personally selected for you by Yandex Zen. The App is free to download on the Google Play Store, requires Android version 5.0 or up to work properly.

Download Yandex Launcher (FREE)

5. Power+ Launcher-Battery Saver:


Power Plus Launcher App

Have you ever thought of a Launcher that actually kills power intensive apps so that you do not run out of battery after every short period of time? Well Power+ Launcher by AECO is the answer to this question as it is a lightweight launcher that actually helps reduce battery consumption.

Power+ Launcher uses ‘Accessibility Services’ so that it can close unnecessary Apps or Processes running in the background to make your device faster and extend battery-timings. The Hibernate Apps feature works like a charm. The Launcher can help manage or hibernate Applications to prevent them from auto-start. Hence, it effectively save your battery power and boost mobile device.  

Not only that, but with the in-app search feature, you can look for anything smartly and can get instant results to your searches including apps, files, contacts, music, documents, websites, videos, audios etc. Power+ Launcher offers Unread Count Badges for all apps just to make sure that you never miss an update or any important notification.-

Download Power+ Launcher-Battery Saver (FREE)

6. Apex Launcher:


Appex Launcher App

Apex Launcher by Android Does Team is a highly customizable, Secure and Efficient Launcher that offers Free icon packs and themes to personalize your Android device according to your liking. You can hide or even lock apps to protect your privacy.

Besides the aforementioned options, Apex also offers other useful features such as Quick Search, Backup & Restore, Gestures, Infinite/Elastic Scrolling, Scrollable Dock, Beautiful Transition Effects, Folder Preview styles and backgrounds, Drawer Apps sorting and many more.

In our opinion, Apex Launcher is one of the best launchers available on the Google Play Store. If you are a customization lover then you must give it a try. The App offers in-app purchases and is free to download.

Download Apex Launcher – Customize, Secure & Efficient (FREE)

7. TSF Launcher 3D Shell:


TSF 3D Shell Launcher

TSF Launcher 3D Shell by Launcher 3D PRO is one of the best 3D Launchers for Android available on the Google Play Store. The Launcher offers smooth as well as customized man-machine interactive operation experience.

The best part about TSF Launcher is that it keeps introducing new features as well as exclusive more than ten 3D Widgets such as Calendar Widget, Text Message Widget, Weather, Memo, Music, Clock, Gallery and more. Its butter smooth transition animation effects gives you a whole new 3D experience.  

The Launcher also supports more than 9 useful gestures to perform various tasks i.e. app launching, phone call or SMS or TSF shortcuts e.g. home screen switch, hide status bar, TSF launcher sidebar hiding and many more.

The App requires Android version 2.2 or up to download and is completely free to install from the Google Play Store.   

Download TSF Launcher 3D Shell

If you love Cricket then we have something special for you. Download these top 14 Best Cricket Games for Android 2019 here. So, These were the top 7 Best Android Launchers in our list. Don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comments section below and let us know if you found this blog helpful or interesting. Stay tuned for more updates!-

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