7 Best App-Hiding Apps for Android in 2019 (FREE)

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7 Best App-Hiding Apps for Android in 2019 (FREE)

If we talk about customization, Android Operating System offers its users hundreds of options with which you can easily change whole look of your mobile device or you can change your keyboard. In short, Android gives you the option to customize your device according to your liking.

Although, there’s an option to hide any app from your Home Screen but still some of the applications show in the App Drawer to address this issue, Cells.pk has come up with its list of top 7 best App-Hiding Apps that are available to download for absolutely free on the Google Play Store, so that you can easily choose one according to your liking.

Table Of Contents:

  1. App Hider
  2. Hide Apps
  3. Calculator Vault
  4. Vault
  5. File Hide Expert
  6. Privacy Master
  7. Clock – The Vault

1. App Hider (FREE):


App Hider android

App Hider by Hide Apps No Root is one of the top apps available on the Google Play Store to hide your Apps. The App just not hide Apps for you but it is also an excellent App Cloner which helps user to access multiple accounts from a single device.

How to Hide App Hider Application itself?

So, basically if you don’t want anyone to know that you use an App hider app then you will need to hide the App Hider app first, which you can do easily by following the method given below:

  1. Click on Protect App Hider icon in App Hider Home
  2. Setup Password to Lock/Unlock the App
  3. Within few minutes, the App Hider will turn into a Calculator
  4. Open the Calculator and type your Password
  5. Your App Hider home now shows up

Download App Hider now

2. Hide Apps:


Hide Apps Android

On number 2 we have Hide Apps by Felix Android Apps. Hide Apps is one of the best Free Android Apps to hide anything on your phone. Here are some of the cool features that the app offers:

  1. Hide Pictures by locking Gallery/Photos App
  2. Totally & always FREE
  3. Lock Apps with a highly secure and easy to unlock pattern
  4. Works flawlessly with any Android OS version
  5. Set your own Settings i.e. Lock Type or Themes

Download Hide Apps for FREE

3. Calculator Vault:


Calculator Vault Android

Calculator Vault is yet another amazing Apps by Hide Apps No Root, which offers excellent features. Please find some of main App features below:

  1. Hide all apps
  2. Make all apps password protected
  3. Hidden Apps can be used in Calculator Vault, you can also use the main interface in phone
  4. This app also hide apps from Recent Apps
  5. Add shortcut to hidden camera
  6. Hide Videos

How to Add any app to Calculator Vault:

  1. First of all, Tap on the hidden display interface
  2. Click on Add App button
  3. You can see the Phone within the App
  4. Select the App, that you want to hide
  5. Then click the important apps button

Download Calculator Vault App

4. Vault-Hide SMS, Pics, Videos, App Lock with FREE Backup:


Vault Hide Android App

Vault-Hide by NQ Mobile Security is a mobile application, designed & developed to hide various application on any supported android device. Here are some of the top features of the App:

  1. Hide/Protect Videos & Photos
  2. Contacts & Call Log Protection
  3. Hide/Protect SMS
  4. Calls Reminder (No Spam Calls anymore)
  5. Private Browser option
  6. Data Transfer mode
  7. Password Recovery option
  8. Stealth Mode (Make Vault icon disappear from your Screen and it can then only be found with a Password)

Download Vault-Hide today to secure your device

5. File Hide Expert:


File Hide Expert

File Hide Expert by Hide Apps is an app that actually enable users to hide pictures, videos or any files within few seconds. Here are some of the key features that File Hide Expert offers:

  1. Hide anything (any file) that you want
  2. Supports hiding the entire folder
  3. No storage permission is required to hide files
  4. Supports hiding files on SD Card for all Android OS platforms such as 4.4, 5.0, 6.0 & 7.0
  5. Password Protection to ensure your privacy
  6. App doesn’t appear in Recent Apps

Download File Hide Expert here for absolutely FREE

6. Privacy Master:


Privacy Master

Privacy Master is yet another app to hide all personal content available in your Android Device offered NUOTEC Studio. The app is just 1.7MB in size but it works like a charm. Here are some of the basic app features:

  1. Hide Apps or Encrypt
  2. Set App Lock
  3. Notification Protection
  4. History Cleaning
  5. Private Browsing

Download Privacy Master now

7. Clock – The Vault:


Clock Vault App

Clock by WS INFOTECH is a top privacy protect application, to keep your stuff safe and secure. Please find some of the useful app features below:

  1. Hide Pictures/Videos or anything
  2. Strong Applock
  3. Supports Fingerprint Protection
  4. Icon Hide or Replace option
  5. Set Fake Password
  6. Private Browser
  7. Video Player
  8. Easy Navigation & User interface
  9. Beautiful Design

Download Clock – The Vault now

That was pretty much about 7 Best FREE App-hiding apps which are available on the Google Play Store. Check out Top 7 Note-Taking Apps for iOS/Android here Stay tuned for more interesting news and updates coming your way!

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