Best iOS Launchers for Android 2019 (FREE)

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Best iOS launchers for android

Android Operating System offers tons of customization options to its users of Android Launchers with cool features. We have already shared our list of 7 Best Android Launchers still if you want to give your Android Device a whole new look just like an iPhone then this article is surely going to help you in making your phone look like an iPhone.

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1. One Launcher:


One Launcher App

On number in our list we have One Launcher by One BJ. One Launcher is basically an iOS style launcher for any supported Android Device which makes your device look like an iPhone with no frills as it works quite smoothly i.e. Transition Effects, Icon Packs, Home Screen replacement or Other Settings; everything works very well. Here are some of the key features of One Launcher:


One Launcher

  1. Customizable home screen with tons of theme options
  2. Simple and lightweight
  3. Variety of beautiful Transitions and Effects
  4. Clean home screen replacement

Download One Launcher now

2. iLauncher – OS 9:


iLauncher App

iLauncher – OS 9 by Mate Software is a powerful home screen launcher for any android phone which let users experience super speedy, clutter-free smooth operation and that too in iOS style. iLauncher – OS 9 is available on all Android Devices with Android version 4.1 or above. Here are some of the app features:



  1. No annoying App Drawer, all applications will be added on the main home screen directly
  2. The launcher is quite easy to use with a user-friendly interface hence deleting and editing apps is much easier
  3. The launcher offers plenty of useful gestures which includes swipe up, swipe down, and home button actions which helps user to perform several task easily as well as conveniently
  4. Besides all of the above mentioned features, users can change grid size, scroll speed option gives you the freedom to make your launcher even faster than ever and a variety of other useful features which includes infinite scrolling, show or hide search bar, customize folder preview and many more.

Download iLauncher – OS 9 here

3. OS 10 Launcher for Phone 7:


 OS 10 Launcher App

Os 10 by Tap Phone is yet another powerful Android Launcher to experience the iPhone themes on any Android device with iOS style packed with all iOS clone features and gestures in no cost. Please find details of features below:


 OS 10 Launcher

  1. Make your exclusive interface with the help of personalization options such as Transitions, Effects, Themes and more
  2. Quick Touch option is fast, reliable and time-saving
  3. Hide personal Apps, you can easily hide your apps to protect your privacy
  4. The OS Booster option enables you to clean the memory to make your phone run faster than ever
  5. The OS Market which is a part of the launcher gathers world’s latest games and apps

Download OS 10 Launcher for Phone 7 today

This was all about Best iOS launchers in 2019 for Android. Feel free to share your list of iOS Launchers at or let us know if you have any app in mind which should make its way to our list of iOS launchers for Android. Stay tuned for more interesting news, reviews and updates.

Best iOS launchers for android