How to Avail FREE Careem Rides in Pakistan with Careem Rewards

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How to Avail FREE Careem Rides in Pakistan with Careem Rewards

When it specifically comes to facilitate users and to provide them with best-possible services, we have noticed that Careem always stay on top of the list. This time Careem has introduced an all new ‘locality program’ named rewards. Customers can automatically earn points for every ride with Careem Rewards in Pakistan.


Get Careem Rewards

On collecting a good amount of Careem Rewards, customers can then avail these rewards i.e. discounts, free credit or send rewards to whoever needs them.

On using 15 rides a month, customers can earn 50% more points and hence, they will become eligible for Careem Exclusive Benefits which are reserved for super-loyal customers only.

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Careem Pickup Time

1. How to Check Careem Rewards:

  1. Go to > Main side menu
  2. Below your name > Click the button
  3. Here you can see all your rewards and start availing them

2. How to earn Careem Rewards:

Customers can easily earn Careem Rewards:

  1. Customers earn 10 Points for every Rs. 20 which they spend on Careem Ride
  2. Customers can use their points to send back to those who need them or free rides can also be availed with the help of these rewards

3. Terms & Conditions:

  • Points you earn are subject to the country or city in which you are using Careem Service, it also depends on ride fare as well
  • Customers can earn points by topping up their Careem Wallet (Not applicable for top-up via Fawry in Egypt)
  • Customer can earn points on all rides which will be paid by cash, invoice or through card.
  • Customers can not earn points on rides which were taken with a Package or Credit.
  • Free or Discounted/Unpaid rides can not make you earn rewards/points
  • Once, all outstanding charges are settled, points will be awarded accordingly

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