3 Best Face Swap Apps for Android and iOS User to Try Right Now

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When it comes to technology or advancement, these are the things that get better on a day-to-day basis as every single day comes up with a new innovation in this era of digital world, where things have become just so easy rather convenient and this process is even getting better with the passage of time.

If you have a smartphone and the passion to be a good photographer then there is a world of opportunities opened for such people to enhance their skills no matter which operating system they are using i.e. Android/iOS or any other OS.

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In our previous article, we shared a list of top 5 Best FREE Camera Apps which can be checked here but this time we have come up with something even more advanced. Yes, we are talking about “Best Face-swapping apps” for Android as well as iOS users. So, without further ado, let’s get started:

1. Snapchat:


SnapChat Face Swap

Snapchat with around 100 Million active users is basically designed & developed by Snap Inc. The app luckily supports face-swapping technology feature. This feature was initially added as one of the Snapchat’s “lenses” back in February 2016.

Face-swapping option can easily be accessed within the App, by lining up a Selfie and then pressing+holding on your face. Snapchat has introduced a variety of useful features, hence this is not surely going to be the one single reason to download the App. If you are a Selfie lover, you can find many useful options to enhance your photography skills.

The app is absolutely free to download and is available for both iOS & Android



MSQRD Face Swap

MSQRD i.e. Masquerade is one of the finest Face-swapping apps, offered by Facebook. The app is available for both iOS and Android users. MSQRD is a video-selfies app which actually helps you to record short-clips of digitally edited face.

The app is extremely easy-to-use and has a friendly user-interface. So, what are you waiting for, just download the app now to swipe between various intelligently designed effects and share those master-pieces with your friends over Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.

Download MSQRD for iOS / Android today

3. Face Swap Booth:


Face Swap Booth

Face Swap Booth is yet another Face Changer App offered by Revosoft Technologies Pvt. Ltd. The app lets you swap faces across multiple photos, or you can also swap faces of celebrities with your photos or vise versa.

The app also enable users to superimpose their faces onto any picture as many times a they want or they can also mix and match facial features to make new people. Here are some of Apps Features:

  1. Save faces forever to be used on multiple/various photos
  2. A variety of Advanced Editor Tools gives you the freedom to blend the images perfectly
  3. You can find multiple facial overlay masks to custom blend faces
  4. Find tons of pre-loaded famous celebrities pictures
  5. Share photos with your friends conveniently

Download Face Swap Booth for Android / iOS

These were all Top yet FREE Best Face Swap Apps for Android and iOS users. Do let us know if you found this article helpful or interesting. Stay connected!

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