Facebook brings “Stories” in the main Facebook App

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Facebook brings “Stories” in the main Facebook App

Facebook’s strategy to follow
everything that helped out Snapchat to be successful is finally heading
towards its ultimate form with the launch of a newly introduced feature
“Stories” in the main Facebook app hence the users can now share their
stories with their friends and family and surely can see what people in
their circle have been upto for the past twenty-four hours.

The users will see spherical profile
pictures at the top of the facebook app, representing stories shared by
their friends and family. With just a simple tap they will be able to
see their friends’ videos, photos, camera effects and drawings. Once
they enter the stories section, they will find a camera button on the
top left side corner of the app. After getting access to camera the
users then will be able to take pictures, add various effects and
drawing according to their choice and share the story. This story will
automatically be disappeared after twenty-four hours.

 But that’s not all, as Facebook will
soon be introducing “Direct” as well.  With this new inbox for direct
messages the users will be able to share videos and photos either with
one or many friends in particular, or respond to their friends’ stories.

Both, the two new features “Stories”
and “Direct” have already been rolled out in the main facebook app. It’s
not necessary that you see stories right away but they are definitely
on their way. Is it also going to be the future of the feed? What do you
think about Facebook users would welcome or embrace the stories format
or not? Please share your thoughts and suggestions below in the comments

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