Find out Custom Values of Mobiles & their Valuations for Calculating Taxes

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Find out Custom Values of Mobiles & their Valuations for Calculating Taxes

The Federal Board Of Revenue aka (FBR) has recently issued customers values of mobile phones models for the collection of taxes and duties. In this regards, Pakistan Customs Department has issued a valuation ruling for determination of taxes or duties (values). This valuation is issued in the wake of regularization of mobile phones by PTA (Pakistan Telecommunication Authority) as immunity was given to register & verify unauthorized cell phones latest by December 31, 2018.

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Speaking of PTA, we would like to tell you that it has already started blocking devices with unauthorized or fake IMEI number from December 1, 2018 whereas, phones that entered Pakistan without proper customs clearance have been permitted to be cleared by Pakistan Telecommunication Authority after paying certain amount in shape of duties or taxes.   

Mr. Fawad Chaudhary – (Minister of Information & Broadcasting)

has recently confirmed that overseas Pakistanis can bring personal cell phones along with them without having to pay any taxes or duties. However, they will need to pay customs for additional cell phones which they will bring.

He also added, “Pakistan imports devices worth $2 billion annually and the country can not continue without implementing taxes & duties on additional mobile phones. He also suggested that people will need to adopt the taxation culture”

The Minister also confirmed that cheap smart devices which costs around $50 will have a negligible tax but expensive devices will be taxed by as much as 38% of their listed valuation of customs.

Speaking of the latest Valuations, it covers 186 different types or models of mobile devices and the maximum value of $770 is set for Samsung Galaxy Note 9 for collection of taxes & duties. Custom authorities also confirmed that the valuation of ruling will facilitate foreign passengers as well as mobile phones brought via courier services in the country. Please find complete list of cell phone valuations below:

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