FlipFont App review(Personalize your Device with Monotype FlipFont) FlipFont for Samsung

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FlipFont App review(Personalize your Device with Monotype FlipFont) FlipFont for Samsung

FlipFont by Monotype Imaging Inc. is an Android application that actually enables you to personalize your smartphone by changing your device’s UI font. FlipFont fonts are also available in Galaxy Apps store within Samsung devices as – FlipFont for Samsung, and can also be downloaded through the Google Play store for other Android devices.. Since, Android users have a bigger opportunity to customize their devices, hence we all believe in “a new day – a new look” thing. Today, we will share with you, how to change your device’s fonts in fact, the best way with which you can easily change the fonts of your device and can give it a fresh new look everyday.

FlipFont Technology:

FlipFont technology basically enables you to personalize your gadget as you like or the way you are, it also gives you an opportunity to express yourself through different fonts. FlipFont App makes it very easy and exciting for you to discover new FlipFont fonts.

Customers can choose from Monotype FlipFont’s amazing inventory of high quality fonts at anytime. So what are you waiting for, get FlipFont fonts today and make your device more personal.

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FlipFont for Samsung:

Make your Samsung Device more you with Monotype FlipFont fonts app as hundred’s of FlipFont fonts are available, the app is easy-to-use and gives you the freedom to change your phone’s fonts according to your mood or style, Samsung users can find the app within the Samsung Apps Store and Google Play Store.

FlipFont App Features:

  1. Huge Variety Of Fonts:

    Choose unique fonts to suit your style and attitude.

  2. Trusted Source:

    Monotype is one of the highly-respected font companies hence all Authentic FlipFont downloads are available from Monotype.

  3. Most Extensive Selection:

    Love more personalization? Monotype Devs team constantly add new FlipFont fonts almost ten (10) new fonts every month – isn’t that really cool!

  4. International Languages:

    For users convenience, there are several languages available to use within the app. So interact in your own language as the app covers a variety of languages across the globe.

  5. Customize without messing:

    A user-friendly Interface gives you the freedom to personalize your device fluidly. Not deep in the root of your gadget.

  6. Change Fonts Easily:

    Users can easily change fonts any time they want. Once downloaded, their flipfont fonts are just a few display settings away.   

How to use FlipFont:

After the app is installed, all you need to do is Go to > Font section in > Display Settings to Activate the App.

Download FlipFont App:

  • FlipFont App (Play Store)
  • The App requires Android version 4.4 or up and is Free to install at Google Play Store / Samsung Apps Store.

Here is a list of most popular Fonts (names) designed & developed by Monotype FlipFont:

  • Frutiger®
  • ITC American Typewriter™
  • Neue Helvetica®
  • PhatBoi
  • ITC Syndor™
  • Present®
  • Rage Italic
  • Julietrose™
  • Kanban™
  • Felbridge™

Additional Information:

To improve the FlipFont app, Monotype collects certain details i.e. device model, software version and user behavior (including FlipFont font choices) through customers use of the app.

For further details please visit:

EULA: http://www.monotype.com/legal/flipfont-eula/

Terms: http://www.monotype.com/legal/terms-of-use/

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