How to Get New Pakistani Currency Notes with 8877 SMS (2019)

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How to Get New Pakistani Currency Notes with 8877 SMS (2019)

State Bank Of Pakistan, this year also is facilitating Pakistani Citizens to get new currency notes by sending SMS to 8877. Since, we all are aware, that Eid-Ul-Fitr is just right around the corner and most of you would might be wondering how to get new currency notes this Eid ? Don’t worry as SBP has made this procedure lot easier by introducing 8877 SMS Service to get new currency notes.

The issuance of New Currency Notes through SMS Service is starting from today and will remain available till 31st May 2019 on a first-come-first-served basis. Here’s everything you need to know about Pakistan Citizen Portal, How to use it & How it works

How to Get New Currency Notes via Sending SMS to 8877:

Getting New Currency Notes has never been so simple & easy. All you need to do is simply send few details in a text message if you want to give Eidi to someone in shape of New Pakistani Currency Notes. Please find complete details below:

  1. Go to > Write Message Option
  2. Type CNIC Number
  3. <Space> then Type ID Number of selected branch of the Bank
  4. After sending the SMS, you will within a few minutes receive a text message with redemption code, E-Branch Address along with Code Validity Time Span
  5. Customers will then be able to get new Currency Notes from the respective Bank Branch, on providing received transaction number along with original CNIC
  6. Customers will be able to receive bundles of Rs. 10 / Rs. 20 / Rs. 50 & Rs. 100 Currency Notes (It also depends on the availability of stock, so hurry up apply for New Pakistani Currency Notes today)

Moreover, the service will be offered by 1702 e-Branches along with 16 SBP BSC Centers in 142 cities all across the country.

However, the redemption code received by the customer will only be valid for 2 working days according to the dates which will be mentioned in the received SMS.  

When all of the aforementioned steps are initiated, now you will be required to visit concerned e-branch along with your original credentials (as mentioned above) CNIC / Smart CNIC, a photocopy of CNIC / Smart CNIC along with transaction code which you received earlier at the time of applying for New Pakistani Currency Notes via 8877 SMS Service.

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