Google Assistant will support sending Money with your Google Account soon

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Google Assistant will support sending Money with your Google Account soon

All the techies out there are already aware about the Google’s PayPal-like payment API which was launched
during a session at I/O recently. Potentially the most convenient application for this is going to be the ability to send and receive payments to or from friends and others with Google Assitant. The company launched a new API during
the Gerardo Capiel and Varouj Chitilian’s session on Google’s commerce technology. They proceeded to show “Something really awesome that no one’s seen before”.

In this video, Gerardo and Varouj instead of using Gmail’s “send money” feature through the Gmail Application, they decided to show us that Google Assistant is now able to do the hard work for us.Gerardo asks the assistant to “Send Gerardo $10 for Dinner” and according to the instructions it uses the new payment API to go ahead and send the payment.

This p2p method basically uses the customer’s debit card linked to their Google Account. Moreover, the company has also declared that it will soon be adding other p2p payment providers. By introducing such a brilliant yet
convenient feature, Google Assistant is becoming more powerful with lots of great and exclusive features and capabilities being announced at I/O this year. 

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