Here are the Eight new android apps from Google play store

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Here are the Eight new android apps from Google play store

We welcome you to the roundup session of the best exclusive android applications that went live  or were marked by us in the last week or so.

So, here we are with our lists of brand new apps on the play store, let’s get started:

Custom Navigation Bar:

Custom navigation bar allows the users an easy way to tailor the look of their Nav Bar on Android O gadgets and Nougat. The position of button can easily be changed in fact the users also have the choice to add more buttons according to their convenience and usage. No root will be required plus this is a free app. Please find some of the app’s features below:

  • Customizable navigation bar layout
  • You can add custom buttons to your navigation bar
  • Very easy to setup
  • Tasker integration for contextual navigation bar
  • No xposed work or root required  

Microsoft To-Do:

Microsoft TO-Do is basically a simple to-do list application that uses smart suggestions. From taking notes to adding reminders to setting due dates in short everything you want is already available there. Still there are some useful features missing as the application is currently in its beta phase but hopefully those features will also find their way to a release in near future and the best part is still to come which is: this application is completely free to use so what are you waiting for ? Download this app now and stay organized as for sure.


60db is an application that allows the users to pick news and entertainment of their choice in an easy and digestible way. All you have to do is just choose the categories you have an interest in and 60db will search all the short audio content for you this way your time will be saved and you will not need to listen to long podcasts or even news reports.

Movie Pal:

So basically, it takes ages to decide especially when a group of friends has to decide about what movie to watch. In fact, it can be really difficult and this is exactly the time where Movie Pal comes into the frame. With this app the users can create groups where each member can then create his or her own list of movies that they have already watched and from there any member in the group can see a list of recommended movies. Please find some of the features details below from the app.

  • Create a movie/film group
  • Invite friends
  • Search for films that no one in the group has watched
  • Select and add movies to your wishlist or watchlist.
  • Mark already seen movies to exclude them from your search queries

Outdoor Family Fun with Plum:

This app allows the kids to progress in the game’s ranking system. This is a free app that emphasizes on getting your kids to go outdoors by giving them daily missions. Everyday there will be a brand new activity that your kid can tally up.

The Bumble Storybook:

This is a kids friendly storybook which is very suitable for bedtime reading and this is a free book with a positive and uplifting story that will teach your child that they can’t judge a book by it’s cover and that they should see the inner goodness of people through actions and not their external appearance.

Microsoft Invoicing:

This is an invoice creation application that allows the users to create, edit and send PDF invoices via email. According to reports, this app will soon be available on the play store. List of tasks that you can perform with this app:

  • Create invoices and estimates in seconds
  • Add/edit customers and itemized lists from your phone
  • Mark invoices as paid or unpaid
  • View monthly and yearly sales and overdue payments

UE Megaboom Beta:

A new beta companion app from logitech allows you to connect to the Ultimate ears megaboom branded bluetooth speaker to gain more controls. By using the world’s best selling wireless speakers UE Megaboom_ just go to the app and click on the bluetooth button on the top of your UE Megaboom screen to request Alexa to stream your favorite music, switch to different play list or provide/show track information.

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