How to Delete Your Twitter Account Permanently on Mobile or Desktop

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How to Delete Twitter Account

If you have a Twitter Account, then you would definitely know that it’s the most convenient way to stay updated with everything you like such as if you follow some celebrity or if you always want to stay updated with what’s happening around you via “News” then Twitter is the best choice for anyone. However, for some reason you want to delete your Twitter account then we will share complete details of easy & simple steps on how you can delete your Twitter Account permanently on Mobile as well as through Website.

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Delete Twitter Account on Android Device/Mobile:

To permanently delete your Twitter Account via Mobile then you will need to follow these simple steps:

  1. Click on the Hamburger Menu located at the top of the screen
  2. Go to > Settings > Privacy Menu > then Click Account
  3. In next step Click on the > Deactivate Your Account Button

    Delete Twit-ter Step One

  5. To Deactivate Account, enter your Passcode (If Prompted) and then Click on Deactivate Button as shown in the picture below:

    Delete Twit-ter Step Two

2. How to Delete Twitter Account Via Desktop/Website:

  1. Log onto Twitter Account (Web Version)
  2. Hit your Twitter Avatar located at the top of the page
  3. Hit Privacy Settings

    Delete Twit-ter Step Three

  5. Hit Deactivate Account located at the bottom of the menu screen

    Delete Twit-ter Step Four

  7. Now again Press Deactivate button to confirm the action

    Delete Twit-ter Step Five

  9. Enter your Twitter Account Passcode

    Delete Twit-ter Step Six

Additional Details:

If you delete your Twitter account and then again change your mind to reactivate it, then Twitter gives you the opportunity to do so but there’s a time limit to reactivate your account i.e. 30 days. You will need to reactivate your Account within 30 days otherwise the account would permanently be deleted.

That’s pretty much about How to delete Twitter Account permanently. Stay connected for more upcoming news and reviews.

How to Delete Twitter Account