How to Block Spam/Annoying Calls on iPhone Devices (Complete Guide)

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iPhone call blocker Apps

ion is the easiest method with which you can easily avoid annoying calls from any number that you receive on your iPhone. This trick enables you to block any number individually. Here are the details:

  1. Go to > Phone App
  2. Click on the icon which is located next to the phone number which you want to block (i)

    iPhone Call blocker

  4. Tap the option “Block This Caller

    Block call iOS

Do Not Disturb Mode:

The Do Not Disturb feature is the best option if you have time to block any number individually. Of course, you can block a number, the one that is annoying you but in case if you are in a hurry and do not have time to go through the procedure that is given above then the Do not disturb feature will work for you as a quick fix.

The best part about Do Not Disturb Option is that it gives you the option to block calls from unknown numbers only and you can still receive calls from the numbers that are already saved in your contact list.


iOS Do Not disturb Mode

Here you can allow calls from favourite contacts that are not categorized as Unknown Numbers


iOS Block unknown numbers

3. Best Call Blocker App for iPhone 2019:

We have given you the information on how to block spam calls on your iPhone without any app. Still if both of the aforementioned features for some reason does not work for you, then still you have an option to block annoying spam or marketing calls by simply download call blocking third-party app.

  1. Go to > Settings
  2. Open > Phone App
  3. Click on the Call Blocking and Identification Feature

    iphone Block calls

  5. Swipe the Toggle located next to the app that you have downloaded to allow it to block unwanted calls

    iphone Block Unwanted calls

These are 3 easiest methods to block any number on an iPhone device. Stay connected for updates coming your way!

iPhone call blocker Apps