14 Useful iPhone Secrets and Dialer Codes

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If you are an iOS user and want to know useful iOS Secret or Dialer Codes then you are at the right place as we are going to share with you a list of all useful iPhone Secret Codes with which you can get important information related to your device, or you can also mask outgoing calls (in case if you don’t want to share your actual number with someone).

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1. Call Waiting Service Code:

If you want to activate or deactivate Call Waiting Service on an iPhone device then you will need to dial this code *43#

2. Call Barring Code:

If you want to know about the lock code for international outgoing calls then you will need to dial *331*

3. Missed Call Alert Code:

In case, if you have missed some important call and you want to check the number of missed calls then you can dial *3282#

4. EFR Mode:

To check the EFR mode in your iPhone, please dial *3370#

5. IMEI Code:

To check the IMEI number of any iOS device, please dial *#06#

6. Account Balance Check Code:

If you have an iPhone or you are a Prepaid user then you can check your Account Balance by simply dialing

7. Field Test Mode:

Field Test Mode, provide you all the important rather technical information related to your phone i.e. network signal strength etc. Here are the details:


iPhone Field Test Mode
iPhone Field Test Mode

  1. Code: *3001#12345#*
  2. Press & hold the Power button unless you see the “Slide to turn off” option
  3. Now Press & hold the home button
  4. You will be able to see the bars replaced with the network strength in decibels
  5. If the numbering is above -80 (-70,-60..), this indicates that the signal strength is close to full and if it’s below -110 (-120,130..), then this indicates that the network has weak signals
  6. Then Open Field Test Mode page again with the secret code mentioned above, to deactivate the decibels to get back to normal screen.

8. SMS Center Check Code:


iPhone SMS Center Check

Users can check the SMS Center Number with the help of this code *#5005*7672#in case of any issue related to SMS.

9. Hide Caller ID:

If you have an iPhone device which supports Hide Caller ID option, then you can dial this code to get device carrier unlocked


iPhone Hide Caller ID

  1. Dial the code (according to your country)
  2. Add Number whom you want to call without sharing your number
  3. Click Dial button

10. Call Barring:

Call Barring Feature actually enable users to block incoming/outgoing calls on any iPhone. To check out the status please follow this method:


iPhone Call Barring

  1. Open ‘Settings’
  2. Click ‘Phone’
  3. Press ‘SIM PIN’
  4. *#33# (Check Status)
  5. *33*pin# (Enable Call Barring)
  6. #33*pin# (Call barring)

11. Call Waiting:

Call Waiting Option enable users to check the current status or enable/disable this service on their iPhone device.


iPhone Call Waiting

  1. *#43# (To Check Status)
  2. *43# (To Enable Call Waiting)
  3. #43# (To Disable Call Waiting)

12. Call Forwarding Code:

Call forwarding option allow users to divert incoming calls to a voicemail or other numbers. You can dial the following codes to enable or disable this service on an iPhone.


iPhone Call Forwarding Code

  1. *#21# (To Check Status)
  2. *21# (To Enable or Disable Call Forwarding)
  3. *21PHONENUMBER# (To Divert Calls to this Number)

13. Calling Line Presentation:


iPhone Calling Line Presentation

This code allow users to check if Call Line Presentation is enabled or disabled on their number.

14. Get a Unique Name to make a Call:

Star Star Me is basically an add-on service that the customer pays for on a monthly basis to avail it. The code is **me, or **63 from an iOS device to activate this service. The service actually allow users to choose a nickname that other callers can make calls on, instead of an actual phone number. For instance; if you have chosen a nickname i.e. TIMMY then you will need to set your personal handle as **THETOMMY (**84386669). All of your friends & family will be able to dial this handle instead of your actual number.

These were all the latest and useful iPhone secret or dialer codes. You can try these codes on your latest iPhone devices or older devices as well such as iPhone 6 or iPhone 7. Stay tuned for more interesting updates coming your way!

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