Jazz BIMA Sehat 24/7 Service provides Hospitalisation Coverage of upto Rs. 10,000 Per Night

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Jazz BIMA Sehat 24/7 Service provides Hospitalisation Coverage of upto Rs. 10,000 Per Night

Jazz subscribers can now secure their family’s future by subscribing to BIMA Sehat today as BIMA Sehat offers a monthly hospitalisation insurance policy along with health benefits which is paid for by the subscriber via daily deductions plan from his or her airtime balance.

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How to Subscribe Jazz BIMA Sehat:

  1. Customers can simply dial 9878 or can also send in SMS BIMA SEHAT to 9878
  2. In the next step, a Customer Care Representative will call you to assist you to subscribe for BIMA Sehat Service
  3. BIMA agents may call the customers within the next 24 working hours
  4. No charges for sending an SMS to 9878  

Offer Charges & BIMA Sehat Cover – Monthly:

Plan Monthly Price Maximum SUM assumed Per Night (Max. 30 Nights Per Year)
Silver Rs. 38.40 Rs. 1000 Per Night
Gold Rs. 76.80 Rs. 2000 Per Night
Platinum Rs. 192 Rs. 5000 Per Night
Diamond Rs. 384 Rs. 10,000 Per Night

Daily Charges:

Plan Daily Price
Silver Rs. 1.28
Gold Rs. 2.56
Platinum Rs. 6.40
Diamond Rs. 12.80

Additional Details:

  1. Prepaid: The monthly price will charged in installments over 30 days
  2. Prepaid customers are eligible for Cover even if they are unable to pay the entire monthly price. Please find details in Terms & Conditions section.
  3. Monthly charges are divided into 30 equal installments and will be charged once per day until the entire month’s price is received. If your prepaid credit is low and you may not be charged for that day. Proportionately reduced amount of insurance benefit will be provided even after 1 day deduction.
  4. Postpaid: Service will be launched for postpaid customers soon.

How to Claim:

For claim, please follow the steps given below:

  1. SMS CLAIM to 9878 no later than 270 Days from the 1st night of hospitalisation and a BIMA Customer Care Executive will contact you will complete details about how to process your claim.

For further information i.e. acknowledgment, FAQs and detailed Terms & Conditions visit BIMA Sehat Official here Stay connected for more updates!

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