How to open your Online Store with Jazz e-Sell Service and Earn money (Guide)

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How to open your Online Store with Jazz e-Sell Service and Earn money (Guide)

Jazz e-Sell allow customers to set up their store/business online in just a matter of few minutes, this exciting new opportunity has a huge potential of introducing any business online. Through Jazz e-Sell Service, customers will be able to create an online store to their liking and manage it. The service is quite simple as anyone can avail it with just a few clicks.

If you want to setup your own business or if you are already running your business and still have no presence on the internet then you should definitely try Jazz e-Sell Service as it has full potential to enhance your business and take it to the next-level by simply giving you an opportunity to setup an online shop.

There are many people who are running their small businesses but have no visibility on the internet. Hence, as a result they can access a very small amount of potential customers and this is where Jazz e-Sell comes. It gives you the opportunity to boost your business by creating an online store where you can place all your items/products that you are offering.

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The service offers an opportunity to the customers to choose their online business store theme from a wide range of various designs and color combinations. All you need to do is just pick a store front from a huge variety of beautiful specially curated templates and then make it yours according to your taste for instance; you can setup logo, colors of your choice and more.

In short, Jazz e-Sell is providing its customers everything that they need to run an online business from managing items/products, orders, tracking statistics or building a healthy relationship between you and your customer. Customers can start taking orders just after signing up the same day without any difficulty.

Jazz e-Sell also offers its customers to setup integrated payment gateways plus customers also have a facility to avail services of Courier Services for shipping purposes to get their orders delivered timely. When it comes to Payments, we would like to tell you that Jazz e-Sell Service is extremely affordable. You will only need to pay Rs. 1,450 per month and as an output you can enhance your business as much as you want.

How to Create Account on Jazz e-Sell:

Customers can try Jazz e-Sell Premium version for 30 Days for absolutely FREE by simply signing up for e-Sell Service. To create your e-Sell account, please follow simple and easy steps that are given below:

  1. Visit Jazz e-Sell Account Signup Page
  2. Enter Name
  3. Enter Phone Number
  4. Enter Email Address
  5. Enter your City
  6. Enter your Company Name
  7. Click Subscribe Button
  8. That’s it, you have successfully created your e-Sell account and can avail Jazz e-Sell Premium features for the next 30 Days for absolutely free-of-charge.

Jazz e-Sell Key Features:

Jazz e-Sell offers a wide range of services that fulfills all its customers needs. From Online store decoration to customers security, Jazz e-Sell has designed everything in a very organized and disciplined way. Please find complete list of features which Jazz e-Sell offers:

1. Jazz e-Sell Business Online Service:

On creating an Online Store customers can avail various benefits which includes an absolutely FREE 14 Day trial, Free Account Setup. Customers can also avail Free Support and Maintenance Assistance. Please find complete details below:

  1. Instant Online Store/Business Setup
  2. No Upfront Charges
  3. Free Account Signup
  4. 14 Day Free Trial
  5. Client Knowledge-Base for Help
  6. Free Support and Maintenance

2. Jazz e-Sell Content Management Service:

When you set up a new Business, it is really important that you keep in touch with your clients for instance, Content management gives you the option to stay connected with your clients by publishing latest News & Updates. Please find complete list of features that Content Management section offers:

  1. Create Custom Pages
  2. Contact Page with Maps
  3. Picture Gallery
  4. Downloads Section
  5. Newsletter
  6. News, Updates and latest happenings

3. Jazz e-Sell Store Design Service:

Just like our homes, Jazz e-Sell gives us an opportunity to decorate our online store according to our liking whether its theme, animated banners, layouts etc. Please find complete details below:

  1. Beautiful Professional Themes
  2. Templates and Layouts
  3. Animated Banners
  4. Responsive & Mobile Friendly User-Interface

4. Jazz e-Sell Product Catalogue Service:

In this section, customers have the opportunity to display their products, choose categories so that customers will easily be able to find what exactly they are looking for. Find details below:

  1. Brands & Categories
  2. Customer Product Fields
  3. Product Variants such as Colors or Sizes
  4. Product Search Filters
  5. Product Add-Ons
  6. Bulk Data Import and Export
  7. Ratings & Reviews

5. Jazz e-Sell E-commerce Engine Service:

This category actually allow users to setup Multiple Payment Methods, Order Notifications via SMS or Emails, Shipping Price Calculator and more:

  1. Multiple Currencies
  2. Credit Card Payment
  3. Multiple Payment Options
  4. Shipping Price Calculator
  5. Order Notification via Emails and SMS
  6. Reporting & analysis
  7. Order Processing
  8. Order Management
  9. Shipping Couriers

6. Jazz e-Sell Marketing & Promotions Service:

This feature gives you the freedom to offer various discount coupons, special deals and offers and other services to your clients:

  1. Deals & Special Offers
  2. Discount Coupons
  3. Search Engine Optimization
  4. Social Media Integration
  5. Google Analytics
  6. Live Chat Option
  7. Facebook Pixel

7. Jazz e-Sell Secure Hosting Service:

This feature makes sure that you are protected in many ways such as it includes Secure Web Hosting, Regular Data Backups, SSL and more. Please find complete details below:

  1. Secure Web Hosting
  2. Regular Data Backups
  3. Secure Socket Layer (SSL)
  4. Regular Monitoring and Maintenance
  5. Content Delivery Network (CDN)

8. Jazz e-Sell Amazing Integrations Services:

Jazz e-Sell integrations section allow users to choose between these options to set up their payment methods, manage in time deliveries and adjust other financial requirements:

  1. JazzCash
  2. TCS Courier
  3. Leopard Courier

In our opinion, Jazz e-Sell Service is an excellent initiative taken by Jazz as it will definitely provide opportunities to Millions of People to reach to the right audience and boost their businesses.

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