Keep your children safe with Jazz Kids Smart watch (Complete Details)

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Keep your children safe with Jazz Kids Smart watch (Complete Details)

Jazz smart watch is yet another initiative taken by the company, that actually provides real-time monitoring of your children and their movements. With the newly launched Jazz Smart watch, all Parents can now make sure that their children are safe and secure by receiving latest updates about their kids location / position.

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With Jazz Kids Mobile Watch, customers will also get initial balance of Rs. 100/- No subscription charges are required to activate the offer.

Table Of Contents:

  1. Jazz Kid’s Mobile Watch Details
  2. Jazz Smart Watch Features
  3. How to use Jazz Smart Watch

Jazz Kids Mobile Watch Details:

Please find complete details of Jazz Kids Mobile Watch below, along with latest specs and how to use it:

  1. Voice/SMS: Rs. 1.18 (Incl Tax) / 30sec On-Net + Off-net)
  2. SMS: Rs. 1.79 (Incl Tax) / SMS
  3. Internet: Rs.2.39/MB
  4. Jazz Watch Price Rs. 3,500/- Only
  5. Initial Balance: Customers will get FREE Balance of Rs. 100  

Jazz Kids Mobile Watch Features:

Jazz Kids Watch provides multiple features and services which help parents to monitor their kid’s current location anywhere anytime. Here are the detailed specs of Jazz Kids Watch:

1. Phone Call:

With Phone Call Feature, Parents can make calls to Jazz Kids Watch using Android app to talk to their kids anytime.

2. Real-Time Monitoring:

This feature allow you to track current location of your kids remotely along with Pin to Pin position on map.

3. Geofence:

This feature allow users to set safety / danger zone in order to receive latest alerts on their App when kid leaves or enters defined safe or danger area within specific time.

4. Emergency Calls:

In case of any emergency, SOS is an instant call feature that will actually enable your kid to make a call on any Predefined 3 numbers of your choice

5. Remote Monitor:

This feature enable parents to call in and listen to your child’s real-time conversations and his environment, all unnoticed.

6. Contact List:

With Contact List option, only whitelist contacts will be able to call kids such as Mom, Dad, Brother, Sister, Grandfather, Grandmother etc (upto 10 numbers are allowed to be added into the whitelist).

7. Tracking History:

With tracking history feature, you can now get exact/accurate pinpoint location on the MAPS from tracking history of your kid upto 90 days.

8.Watch Taken Off:

If the watch is removed or taken off from kid’s wrist, an alert will automatically be generated to inform you.

9. Remote Shutdown:

Users can shutdown the Jazz Kids Watch remotely at anytime through Jazz Kids Watch App, in case if you don’t want to use it temporarily.


How to Use Jazz Kids Watch

How to use Jazz Kids Smart Watch:

  1. Activate Jazz Smart Watch SIM as per standard procedure
  2. Install Jazz Kid’s Watch App by Sending Reg to 6676, this way Jazz users will receive a download link in an SMS or install the app from Play Store Click Here
  3. iOS Users will need to open their browser and log onto here
  4. Create Account by entering your details, after registration Username & Password will be shared
  5. For Complete User Manual Click on Android Link or iOS Web Portal

Jazz Kids Watchhas a 3 Months Warranty period. Mobilink watch price in Pakistan is Rs. 3500/-

For Customer Care Center Number, Address and other details, please log onto Jazz Kid’s Watch Official Stay tuned for more interesting news and offers.

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