Teach Your Kids with these 5 Best Educational Apps for FREE

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5 Best Educational Apps for Kids

In today’s world when technology has become so advanced that each & every information is just a few taps away, we can’t keep our kids away from these gadgets instead we can give them an idea to utilize these resources for informational purposes which can definitely help your child increase his/her knowledge by simply downloading these 5 best educational apps.

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These best educational apps are suitable for 3, 4, 10 year olds, toddlers, preschoolers, kindergarten and more. Let’s get started:

Amazon Kindle:


Amazong Kindle App

Reading is good and strong writing or reading skills helps everybody. Amazon Kindle is basically an eReader platform and includes lots of books for kids. There is a huge variety of books that are absolutely free to download.


Amazong Kindle App Overview

Download the app today and get your kids some interesting books according to their liking. The app is free to download and offers in-app purchases.

Download Amazon Kindle now

2. Classdojo Best Education App for Kids:


Classdojo Learning App

ClassDojo is a safe, beautiful and very simple communication app for kids, teachers and parents. The best part is that with the app teachers can motivate students i.e. “Work hard” or “Teamwork”. Teachers can share photos, videos and announcements with parents.


Classdojo App Overview

Students can add classwork easily into their own digital portfolio. Teachers can also contact parents with the help of instant texting feature. The app also offers all teaching tools like Group make or Noise Meter and more.

Download Classdojo App today



Duolingo Learning App

Duolingo is one of the best educational app for kids. The app is totally fun and free. With Duolingo students can easily practice their speaking, writing, reading and learning skills while playing interesting games.


Duolingo App Overview

The app also help users improve their vocabulary and grammar skills by answering questions and completing lessons. Students can easily start with basic words phrases, verbs and sentences and can also learn new words daily.

Download Duolingo now

4. Edmodo:


Edomodo Learning App

Edmodo is basically a classroom replacement application which facilitate teachers, students and parents by interacting with each other. To improve student involvement, the app offers best features like students can complete or deal with their assignments, parents can track performance of their kids, students or teachers can even upload files to the classroom. Edmodo is a very useful platform to bridge the gap between teachers, parents and students.


Edmodo App Overview

Download Edmodo today

5. Google Classroom:


Google Classroom Learning App

Google Classroom by Google LLC is a free service for students, non-profits or anyone with Google account. The app basically makes it easier for teachers and students to connect with each other inside or outside of school / collage. Here are the details of some useful features of the app:


Google Classroom App Overview

  1. Easy to setup and user-friendly, Teachers can add students directly or can share a code with their students to join the class
  2. Improves Communication, the app allow teachers to make announcements and start class discussions
  3. The paperless assignments enable teachers to create, review and mark assignments quickly
  4. Enhances organization skills, Students can find all of their assignments on an assignment page i.e. videos, documents, photos will be automatically filed into folders in the Google Drive
  5. The app is extremely affordable and secure as it does not contains Ads and never uses content for advertising purposes and is totally free

Download Google Classroom

That was all about, free best educational apps for kids roundup session, stay connected for more updates.

5 Best Educational Apps for Kids