Top 3 Best Free Games for Mac OS Users to play in 2019

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Top 3 Best Free Games for Mac OS Users to play in 2019

Playing games in our free time is one the most common hobbies of most of us these days. If we specifically talk about anyone’s personal choice, every person differs with another when it comes to their choice of playing games on their Android, iOS or Mac Operating Systems. This article, is specifically curated for those who love to play games on their Mac OS.

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1. Lord Of the Rings Online:


Lord Of the Rings For Mac

On number 1 we have Lord Of the Rings designed and developed by Standing Stone Games, LLC. The game gives you the freedom to join the world’s greatest fellowship of players in the award-winning online recreation of J.R.R Tolkien’s legendary Middle Earth. The game in short follows the story from movies or even books and provides free access to almost everything.

This game is best suitable for those who love the formula of Classic MMO. Lord Of the Rings is known as one of the finest free online games available for MAC users. Download the game here

2. Fortnite: Free Game for MacOS:


Fortnite For Mac

Fortnite is yet another free PvP as well as one of the best Free Games for MacOS. The game enables you and other 99 opponents to compete with each other. Your target would be to find hidden weapons, shields or resources to help you survive as a last player.

The longer anyone survive, the tighter the playing area becomes, which then forces you to engage in combat rather than finding a remote area. The game is all fun to play. Get Fortnite today

3. Super TuxKart:


Super TuxKart For Mac

Super TuxKat is an all open-source as well as one of the best racing games for MacOS. Super TuxKart is basically a kart racing game with various racing modes for single or multiple players. The game offers 21 (twenty-one) hilarious tracks to unlock.

Since, Super TuxKart is an open source model, hence it gives you the freedom to add more tracks using add-ons feature. The game contains very impressive yet colourful graphics to make your racing experience even much better than ever before. In short, Super TuxKart is a great racing fun / adventure for MacOS users. Download Super TuxKart here

This was all about our list of Top 3 best games for Mac OS to play in 2019. Do let us know by simply dropping an email at [email protected] if you have any game in mind which should make its way to our lists for our next Best Apps & Games roundup session. Stay connected.

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