Malware Judy to infect 36.5 million Android phone users

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Malware Judy to infect 36.5 million Android phone users

The reports came from the security company called “Checkpoint”
which is the firm that discovered malware called ‘Judy’. The company
informed Google immediately after and all of the known apps were removed
from Play Store soon as more than 41 apps in the Google Play Store were
found to be infected by this newly discovered malware.

According to the Researchers, over 8.5 million users were infected
before the malware was detected but that’s not all as this number might
even go as high as 36.5 million according to reports. Checkpoint’s blog
post declares that this is basically an “auto-clicking adware” and
according to report most probably the developers of this malware are
from South Korea.

Most probably, the name of the company who is suspected to be
involved is Kiniwini and its name in the Play Store is ENISTUDIO corp.
This company is known to design applications for both iOS as well as
Android. According to a recent research, the auto-clicking adware would
use the cell phones for fake clicks on online ads so that the makers of
the ads will be able to take advantage.
The applications seem to be undetected in the play store for a long time now.

Checkpoint has also stated that this malware was surviving in the Play Store from April 2016.
What does Malware ‘Judy’ do exactly:
It automatically clicks on the ads hence boost revenue for the companies
that have posted them. This malware sets up a connection to the control
and command server, which was not on Google’s servers, this way the
malware manage to remain undetected for so long and it would then
download the malicious payload.

Here, we would advise all the Android users to take great caution while downloading the applications from the Google Play Store.

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