Challenge Your Friends & Family with these 7 MultiPlayer Games for Android & iOS in 2019

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Challenge Your Friends & Family with these 7 MultiPlayer Games for Android & iOS in 2019

If you love playing games on your mobile, you can find tons of options available on the Google Play Store or the App Store. But, have you ever thought, What if you want to play any game with your friends or family member? Because every game available on the aforementioned stores doesn’t support the multiplayer option.

In this article, we are going to share with you complete details of top 7 Cross-Platform Multiplayer Games which you can play on your Android as well as iOS devices for instance; if you have an Android device and you friend has an iPhone, still there are high-chances that you both can still play these games. Let’s get started with our list of best games for Android and iOS:

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Table Of Contents:

  1. Real Racing 3
  2. Zombie Assault 3
  3. Cubemen
  4. Guns Of Boom
  5. Battlelands Royale
  6. Words With Friends
  7. Spaceteam

1. Real Racing 3:


Real Racing gaming App

Real Racing 3 is an Award-winning game which sets a new level for mobile racing games. The game features an extended roster of officially licensed tracks with 39 circuits at 17 real-world localities, 43-car grid with more than 140 cars by top manufacturers.

There are so many other features also such as Real-time Multiplayer option allow players to play with their friends and family, set high-scores on Social-Leaderboards, Time trials, night racing or TSM technology (Time-Shifted Multiplayer).

Real Racing 3 is available for FREE to download on the Google Play Store or the App Store. The game offers in-app purchases and contains Ads.

Download Real Racing 3 for Android & iOS

2. Zombie Assault 3:


Zombie Assault gaming App

Zombie Assault 3 by Ninja Kiwi is basically an action game that helps you to prepare with a top down dual stick co-operative survival in 3 different modes against Zombies. Here are some key Features of the game:

  1. 17 maps, each with different hazards & kill zones
  2. 12 zombie types, with amazing graphics
  3. 3 game modes – Onslaught, Purge & Apocalypse
  4. Zombie-blast action shooter option
  5. Eviscerate zombie hordes in single player or in 4 player co-op multiplayer
  6. 50 levels to unlock, each grants access to a new weapon or perk
  7. Multiplayer play from anywhere in the world
  8. 44 weapons i.e. Auto Shotguns, Browning Machine Guns, Flamethrowers, and RPGs
  9. 2 Sentry gun classes and 3 grenade types for serious room clearing

The App is available to download for FREE, contains Ads and offers in-app purchases.

Download Zombie Assault 3 for Android and iOS

3. Cubemen:


Cubemen gaming App

Cubemen by 3 Sprockets is an amazing game based on the tower-defense formula. You can play a purely defense-game in different modes. You can use your own little cubemen to defend the base from other little cubemen.

The game is free to download available on both iOS / Android platforms and contains Ads. You can download Cubemen for iOS here and for Android here.

4. Guns Of Boom:


Guns of Boom gaming App

Guns Of Boom by Game Insight is a multiplayer game with amazing 3D graphics and effects. The controls are really simple but challenges are really tough. So, what are you waiting for! Engage in online PVP battles on a wide range of maps by simply utilizing various cunning tactics and techniques.

The game offers in-app purchases and also Contains Ads. Download Guns Of Boom by Game Insight today for your Android or iOS devices today for absolutely FREE.

5. Battlelands Royale:


Battlelands Royale gaming App

Battlelands Royale by FuturePlay is a casual Battle Royale Game with 32 players with between 3 to 5 minutes matches. No complicated menus to navigate, the game is simple with easy controls. You can play this game solo or join forces with fellow players in Duos.

All you need to do is just play, parachute, loot and survive. You can also choose your landing spot, drop in and win exclusive prizes. The map section offers a wide range of various locations such as Ship, Maze, Hideout, Trainyard etc.

Battlelands Royale offers in-app purchases and contains Ads. Download Battlelands Royale for absolutely FREE on Google Play or on App Store today!   

6. Words With Friends:


Words with Friends gaming App

Words with Friends by Zinga is a fun, free social word game where you can get a chance to enhance or improve your vocabulary. You can challenge your Facebook Friends to play a game or you can also make new friends with Smart Match option.

No internet ? No Problem as you can play this anytime or anywhere to enhance your skills with offline Solo Play option. Here are some key features:

  1. CHALLENGE friends to play faster in English with Fast Play feature
  2. FIND best English opponent by browsing players’ profiles in Community Matches
  3. ACCESS your games on your phone, tablet or even computer
  4. CHAT with your friends as the game supports in-game chat option
  5. TRACK your performance and improvement with complete stats
  6. EXPAND your English vocabulary with Dictionary & Word of the Day

Download Words With Friends for Android or iOS to enhance your vocabulary for absolutely free and to compete with your friends.

7. Spaceteam:


Space Team gaming App

Spaceteam by Henry Smith is a co-operative party game for 2 to 8 players who should quite loud at each other until their ship explodes. Players will be assigned a random control panel with Sliders, Dials, Buttons and Switches and you will need to follow time sensitive instructions. Here are some of the App’s Key features:

  1. Shouting & Confusion
  2. Teamwork
  3. An untimely demise
  4. Auxiliary Technoprobes
  5. Beveled Nanobuzzers
  6. Four Stroke Pluckers

The game offers in-app purchases and is free to download on Google Play Store and App Store.  

Share your Favorite Multiplayer Games:

This was our list of all-time best Cross-platform multiplayer games but we would love to hear about your favorite cross-platform multiplayer games list. So let us know in the comments section below, about which game in your opinion should make its way to this list. Stay connected for more interesting news, reviews and updates.

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