Nokia Cellphones to be relaunched in Pakistan by HMD Global in few weeks

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Nokia Cellphones to be relaunched in Pakistan by HMD Global in few weeks

Per Ekman (Regional Vice President)
Middle East and North Africa at HMD Global is reportedly visiting
Pakistan these days in order to illuminate the media about the recent
developments of the company, he organized a pre-launch meet up on March
21, 2017. As we all are aware that the License of managing and
distribution of Nokia Cellphones was attained by HMD Global – Finnish
startup company hence the world is excited to see what advanced
innovations HMD Global will come up with in order to rebuild Nokia.

 As we all know that HMD Global – The
house of Nokia Phones is famous for unique yet innovative approach to
offer their users with state-of-the-art products. Nowadays the company
is striving really hard to compete with so many other smartphone
manufacturer companies with the comeback of it’s exclusive Nokia
cellphones and as a result the company came up with products which set a
higher level or standard in terms of quality, reliability, design and
look & feel.

HMD Global believes in partnering
with best companies in their respective disciplines just to provide
their consumers with the best products hence the company has
collaborated with Foxconn which is undoubtedly known as a Global leader
when it comes to electronic manufacturing thing and secondly, the number
one mobile platform with 86% of the user share approx. called Google

HMD Global shared information regarding
the models that includes: Nokia 6, Nokia 5, Nokia 3 and iconic Nokia
3310 at the Mobile World Congress (Barcelona) 2107. The company was
falicitated with 20  awards in recognition of it’s hard work and
efforts. According to Per Ekman the company will launch all new three
earlier discussed cellphones (in our previous articles) with the updated
Nokia 3310 in Pakistan in late second quarter of this year – 2017.

Nokia is not an elitist brand; we are
a people’s brand. It has always been a very loved brand in Pakistan so
it is a key strategic market for our value proposition. In terms of
sales, we don’t have a target number in mind! We would be making
available what the people actually want and would address their daily
needs at competitive prices.” –
Per Ekman 

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