How to Renew Pakistani Passport Online?

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Pakistani Passport Online Renewal

If you are tired of travelling to major cities of the country or to wait in long queues waiting for your turn to get a new Pakistani Passport or to renew the Passport, then has come up with a solution to this problem. The Government Of Pakistan, has launched Online Pakistani Passport Renewal Service just a few months ago. The newly introduced E-Service facility will definitely enable people in Pakistan to apply online for the renewal of their already expired or non-expired Passport. The best part is, that the Government has made this facility available rather accessible for all Pakistani Citizens across the globe.  

Applicants can apply for Passport Renewal in case, if their Passport is already expired or in other case, Pakistani Passport Renewal before expiry is also possible, if the Passport has not expired yet or its left with less validity i.e. (7 or 9 Months).

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1. Pakistani Passport Application Form for Renewal:

Here, we are going to share basic steps with you and by following these simple steps you can easily apply for expired Passport or Pakistani Passport Renewal before expiry:

  1. Press the Get Started Button available here
  2. Register Account
  3. You will receive an Email or SMS (if you reside in Pakistan)
  4. All Verification Codes will be sent through Email Only, in case if you live Abroad
  5. Create an Application for the Renewal of Machine-Readable Passport by entering all important details
  6. In the next step, enter Address (where you want your Passport to be delivered)
  7. Pay Passport Renewal Fee via Credit/Debit Card
  8. Enter Personal Details > Temporary Address > Permanent Address
  9. Upload Photograph along with other supporting credentials
  10. Download Form and capture 4 Fingerprints
  11. Set Scanner at these values (600 DPI , JPEG/JPG , Grayscale)
  12. Scan and upload the form
  13. Review your Application, Sign Declaration and Submit Form

This whole procedure of Online Passport Renewal, takes 16.5 Minutes. The Passport will be delivered at the Recipient’s doorstep within 10 working days whereas, Urgent Passport takes upto 4 working days.      

2. Passport Renewal Fee Pakistan 2018:

Pakistani Passport Renewal Fee varies between 5 years to 10 years. It depends on pages of the Passport as well:

3. Passport for 5 Years Validity:

Category Passport FEE Service Charges Total
Normal – 36 Pages Rs. 3000/- Rs. 2500+ Applicable Taxes Rs. 5,500/-
Urgent – 36 Pages Rs. 5000/- Rs. 2500+ Applicable Taxes Rs. 7,500/-
Normal – 72 Pages Rs. 5,500/- Rs. 2500+ Applicable Taxes Rs. 8,000/-
Urgent – 72 Pages Rs. 9000/- Rs. 2500+ Applicable Taxes Rs. 11,500/-
Normal – 100 Pages Rs. 6000/- Rs. 2500+ Applicable Taxes Rs. 8,500/-
Urgent – 100 Pages Rs. 12000/- Rs. 2500+ Applicable Taxes Rs. 14,500/-

4. Passport for 10 Years Validity:

Category Passport FEE Service Charges Total
Normal – 36 Pages Rs. 5,400/- Rs. 2500+ Applicable Taxes Rs. 7,900/-
Urgent – 36 Pages Rs. 9,000/- Rs. 2500+ Applicable Taxes Rs. 11,500/-
Normal – 72 Pages Rs. 9,900/- Rs. 2500+ Applicable Taxes Rs. 12,400/-
Urgent – 72 Pages Rs. 16,200/- Rs. 2500+ Applicable Taxes Rs. 18,700/-
Normal – 100 Pages Rs. 10,800/- Rs. 2500+ Applicable Taxes Rs. 13,300/-
Urgent – 100 Pages Rs. 21,600/- Rs. 2500+ Applicable Taxes Rs. 24,100/-

5. Required Documents for Pakistani Passport Renewal:

  1. Color Scanned Copies of valid CNIC, NICOP, SMART CNIC or NICOP both sides
  2. Color Scanned Copies of existing Passport (First 2 pages and 1 random page)
  3. Color Scanned Copy of Valid Visa, Residence Permit, Aqama, Asylum Card or any other Nationality Passport
  4. Upto 5MB of size Photograph
  5. Fingerprint Form
  6. Valid Credit or Debit Card for Online transaction of Application Fee  

This step taken by Government Of Pakistan will surely be proved as a helpful rather convenient initiative for all citizens. Stay connected for more updates.  

Pakistani Passport Online Renewal