Register Mobile via PTA 2 Steps Authentication Process & SMS

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Register Mobile via PTA 2 Steps Authentication Process & SMS

To register mobile phones, PTA has now introduced a better rather simple way “2 Steps Verification Process”. As we all know, that from now onwards if you are an international traveler, you would probably need to either apply via PTA DIRBS Web Portal or via USSD Code Method *8484# to get your device registered. How to register device to avoid mobile blocking check here 

Here, in this article you will find a Step-by-Step Guide on how to get your device / mobile phone registered via these 2 processes. Let’s get started with DIRBS Web Portal System 

1. How to Register Device via DIRBS Web Portal:

  1. First of all you will need to login to DIRBS Web Portal at as shown in the picture below:

DIRBS Step 01

  1. In the next step, you will now need to enter the information that is given below to register your mobile or any other device:
  • Full Name 
  • CNIC / Smart Card Number
  • Passport Number 
  • Device IMEI Number (To know the IMEI number of any device, dial *#06#
  • Contact Number  
  1. Upon submitting a request, you will then receive an OTP 4 Digits Code on your Mobile Number

DIRBS Step 02

Remember: The SIM has to be registered against the applicant’s CNIC number 

  1. Enter 4 Digits Code into the Application Verification Field, as shown in the picture below:

DIRBS Step 02

Upon successful verification, you will be prompted that your device has successfully been registered.

2. What to do if the SIM isn’t on your CNIC:

If the SIM Card was not issued against your CNIC, you will then need to upload the following credentials: 

  • Photocopies of CNIC & Passport
  • FIA Stamp Copy or a Boarding Pass

DIRBS Step 04

Upon submission of the above mentioned documents, you will get a prompt that the device has been registered successfully. 

3. How to Register Device via USSD Code Method:

  1. First of all, dial *8484# 

DIRBS Step 05

  1. Then log onto DIRBS Web Portal and enter your information into the required fields as mentioned earlier
  2. If the phone number that you have already given in the required field, is issued against your CNIC, then you won’t get any OTP code and you will directly get your device registered with PTA without further requirements
  3. If the phone number is not registered against your CNIC then you will need to upload the following documents via the Dirbs Web Portal at
  • Photocopies of CNIC and Passport
  • A Boarding Pass or FIA Stamp Copy

DIRBS Step 06


Remember: The user will not need to start the entire process again via the web portal as login credentials i.e. username or password will be sent on his/her mobile number in addition to a URL to visit. There you will need to upload the documents. 

Upon successful submission of application, you will get a confirmation SMS as seen in the picture below:

DIRBS Step 07

Terms & Conditions:  

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