Samsung New Cell Phone Models Prices in Pakistan 2019 with Taxes

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Samsung New Cell Phone Models Prices in Pakistan 2019 with Taxes

As we all know, Samsung keeps launching new devices with some new features, plus the devices are available at affordable prices too. Hence, the biggest smartphone manufacturer rather has captured the market and user’s trust because Samsung mobile are reliable, affordable and they come packaged with great features.

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If we specifically talk about the year 2018, the company has introduced a lot of devices in a very short time span. Hence, has come up with all Samsung Mobile latest prices in Pakistan (just to provide its readers with an ease to find updated prices of latest Samsung mobiles all under one roof) which have released or are expected to be released soon.

Samsung Mobile Prices in Pakistan 2018-19

Please find complete list of all latest Samsung Mobile Phones prices along with Additional Offers in the list below:


Samsung Phone Prices & Taxes

But that’s not all, as we have some good news for all Samsung Fans out there as Samsung has already introduced an Offer with which customers can avail exclusive discounts on purchasing Genuine Samsung Mobile Phones i.e. Samsung Note 9 and Samsung J6 J600 devices from Official Partners:

  1. M&P
  2. Greentech
  3. Airlink

Speaking of the prices, here we would like share some stats with you about the previous prices of Samsung Note 9 and Samsung J6 J600 models:

Mobile Model Old Price Discounted Price
Samsung Note 9 N960 Rs. 164,999/- Rs. 139,999/-
Samsung J6 J600 Rs. 29,999/- Rs. 27,999/-

For more information related to Samsung Note 9 & J6 Discounted Offer, please visit here. In our opinion, if you are planning to buy a new Samsung Mobile phone then you should definitely go for purchasing these Samsung devices from any of the aforementioned Samsung Official Distributors to avoid any inconvenience or to get an original Samsung device. For more interesting news, stay tuned to!  

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