Good at Aiming? Try these 5 Best Sniper Games for Android to play in 2019

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Good at Aiming? Try these 5 Best Sniper Games for Android to play in 2019

Google Play Store has a wide variety of various games which includes puzzle games, racing games, action games and many more. But, if you are specifically a sniper game fan then this article is surely going to be very useful for you.

In this Article, you can find all best sniper games to play on your Android device even if you are offline. Let’s get started:

1. Contract Killer: Sniper

Contract Killer: Sniper by Glu is an action game that gives you a whole new experience that enable players to face enemies with new powers and deadly techniques in a exciting new campaign. Here are some of the key features of the game:


Contact Killer android game

  1. Choose Contracts according to your liking
  2. Advanced Customizable Weaponry
  3. Stake out or take down
  4. Choose your environment in every single mission

Download Contract Killer for Android

2. Kill Shot:

On number 2 we have Kill Shot by Hothead Games. Kill Shot is a First-Person shooter assignment game. The game allow players to choose their firepower, locate and eliminate hidden targets and missions. Here are some features of the game mentioned below:


Killer Shot android game

  1. Amazing 3D Graphics
  2. More than 800 first person shooter missions to compete
  3. Globe Ops event system with prizes to win
  4. 50 maps and stunning localities
  5. More than 100 different weapons
  6. Slow-Mo effect
  7. 4 leaderboards to challenge friends

Download Kill Shot today from the Google Play Store

3. Sniper Fury: Top Shooting Game – FPS:

Sniper Fury by Gameloft is known as one of the most stunning of all sniper shooting games available on the Google Play Store, with unbelievable 3D sniper graphics and sounds. The game is easy to play and tough to master.


Sniper Fury android game

So, join a 3D sniper clan with other top game competitors. You can also trade, chat and share tips with clanmates to strengthen your fellow assassin shooters. In our opinion, Sniper Fury is probably the best game for FPS action, shooting games. To find out more please visit

Download Sniper Fury now

4. Sniper Shooter:

Sniper Shooter game by Fun games for free is an easy ‘Aim & Shoot’ game which help players complete their missions and targets by killing the bad guys and become a Master Hitman. The game offers some exclusive features that are mentioned below:


Sniper Shooter android game

  1. Easy and Simple Controls
  2. 3D Graphics
  3. Find Extreme Missions
  4. More than 13 Levels/Chapters
  5. Mini Sniper puzzles
  6. Accept Multiple targets and scenarios

Download Sniper Shooter

5. Bowmasters:

Browmasters by is a hosty-tosty aim and shoot game with 41 insane characters, a wide range of various weapons almost forty-one (41) weapons. You can also grab your friends to show them your skills.


Bowmasters android game

The multiple game modes like shoot birds, fruit down and more gives you the option to defeat your enemies in duels and get money for that too. Avail endless rewards for your skills.

Download Bowmasters

This was all about top 5 best shooting sniper games for Android to play in 2019. Give us your feedback at [email protected] Stay tuned for more interesting news and reviews coming your way!

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