Top 14 Best Cricket Games for Android to Try Right Now

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Top 14 Best Cricket Games for Android to Try Right Now

There is a good news for all the Cricket Game lovers as we have come up with our list of best cricket games for Android. So, no worries if you have no time to go and play cricket in the playground as now you can play cricket on your mobile-phone by simply downloading these top 10 best android games available at the Google Play Store for absolutely FREE.

The best part of these android games is that you can easily play these good cricket games under 100MB so that your mobile phone will not get overloaded. Check out free cricket games for android below:

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Table Of Contents:

  1. Beach Cricket
  2. Google Doodle Cricket
  3. World Cricket Championship
  4. Cricket T20 Fever 3D
  5. Real Cricket
  6. Cricket Black
  7. Gully Cricket Game
  8. Big Bash Cricket
  9. Stick Cricket 2
  10. World Cup Battle
  11. ICC PRO Cricket
  12. Hit Cricket
  13. Pakistan Cricket League
  14. Cricket World Cup Fever

1. Beach Cricket:


Beach Cricket

For Cricket fans, Beach Cricket game is the perfect choice as this android game can be adapted to suit any surrounding. The version of the game, offers the real taste of sun, sand and sea while playing cricket.

In Beach Cricket game the usual 11 players will comprise the team and batsman are already pre-defined but the best part is that you can choose your bowlers from the players available. Also, by winning the toss, you can have an opportunity to bowl or even bat first.

So, get ready to play a 5, 10 overs match. The game app is free to download on the Play Store, contains Ads and requires Android version 2.0 or up. Download Beach Cricket from the Google Play Store

2. Google Doodle Cricket:


Google Doodle Cricket

On number 1, we have Google Doodle Cricket Game which is one of an easy and fun to play Cricket games for Android. It was launched by Google to celebrate ICC Champions Trophy. This lightweight game has dynamic camera angles and strong AI opponents. The game is 314K in size and requires Android version 4.1 and up to be download. Install it here

3. World Cricket Championship 2:


World Cricket Championship 2

Enjoy the most advanced 3D mobile cricket games at the palm of your hand. Play maximum number of cricket shots including Dil-scoop, Helicopter shot or the Uper-Cut! Customize your players and cheer your team with customized banners. This game is available for Android Version 4.1 or up and can be downloaded here for absolutely FREE.

4. Cricket T20 FEVER 3D:


Cricket T20 FEVER 3D

This game is specially developed while keeping in mind the T20 Series. The game allow you to play in tournaments or one-off ODI or even T20 Format. This so far in our opinion is the best real-life cricket game with excellent sound and graphics quality. The game is free to download and requires Android 4.0.3 or up. Install the games from Play Store now

5. Real Cricket:


Real Cricket

As we already shared with you that there are so many cricket games available on the Google Play Store but a very few cricket games have good quality of graphics as well as sounds. Real Cricket 18 is one of the games that gives you the real feel.

You can choose batsman style of batting for instance; Brute, Radical, Defensive and Balanced. Also you can choose your prefered time of the day such as Morning, Evening, Dusk, Night or Afternoon. So what are you waiting for, download the app now and enjoy amazing cricket game experience right on your mobile device. Download Real Cricket Real Cricket

6. Cricket Black:


Cricket Black

Cricket Black only requires 2MB space and is considered as a mini-cricket game. This is suitable for Android Go devices or for those people who have less space in their mobile phones. So what are you waiting for compete with live charts from all around the world by simply downloading this game now. The game is free to download on Play Store

7. Gully Cricket Game 2018:


Gully Cricket Game 2018

This game lets you enjoy the street-cricket that we all use to play in our childhood. With this game, you can play on more than 1000 streets and can also choose your bats, stumps, balls from a huge variety of various options. So break your neighbour’s windows or car windshields (within the game) by simply installing here from Play Store now

8. Big Bash Cricket:


Big Bash Cricket

Big Bash is known as the most easiest as well as modern game on the Google Play Store. All you need to do is just swipe to play well and enjoy the game. The game enable users to play shots like in real life and that’s what exactly makes this unique than others. You can choose between 3 modes to play

  1. Quick Match Mode
  2. Tournament Mode
  3. Challenge Mode

Download the game now, available at Google Play Store

9. Stick Cricket 2:


Stick Cricket

Stick Cricket 2 is an exciting game especially designed for cricket-lovers with amazing sound as well as graphics quality. The game is initially free to download but after downloading the game and finishing 1st level, you will need to make in-app purchases to unlock the next level. Download Stick Cricket 2 now

10. ICC Pro Cricket:


ICC Pro Cricket

ICC Pro Cricket has by now been downloaded for more than 5 million times which shows that the game is really famous amongst the cricket-lovers. This game is the first ever game with card management as well as real simulation. The game can played in 3 different modes

  1. 1. Cricket world cup tournament
  2. 2. World tour mode
  3. 3. Quick match mode

To download ICC PRO Cricket Please click here

11. Hit Cricket:


Hit Cricket

Hit Cricket is a strategy cricket game which allow players to create their own cricket team. Players can purchase other players in the auction, play tournaments, sell players for more cash, can play leagues as well as normal matches. You can play in 3 different modes

  1. Aggressive
  2. Normal
  3. Defence

To download Hit Cricket now, please click here  

12. World Cricket Battle:


World Cricket battle

World Cricket Battle offers you a complete experience of playing actual cricket on your mobile device. The games has plenty of first of its kind features which includes Rain Interruption, Multiplayer Mode, My Career, Drinks to boost batting-power, Cheerleaders, Dream XI, Commentary Box, Ultra edge detection with snickometer, Weather Change, D/L Method, Players bat change, Cap/Hat change while game play.

It also has some really cool features & Leagues such as Variety of World Champions like World Cup, Asia Cup, Pakistan League, Aussie League, Indian League and Bangladesh Premier League & Clash Of Clans. Download the game now from Google Play Store

13. Pakistan Cricket League:


Pakistan Cricket League

Pakistan Cricket League allow players to create their own Super Cricket League. You can now represent your city and choose your city from Lahore, AJK, Bahawalpur, Faisalabad, Abbottabad, FATA, Hyderabad, Islamabad, Karachi, Multan, Peshawar, Quetta, Larkana, Rawalpindi and Sialkot.

You can also name your league and lead your team, unlock challenges to play & complete them everyday. Smash sixes and fours to collect fame points & make your league famous. Captain your team and take your team to the leader-board to win cash-rewards every single month.

Note: This game is not affiliated with Pakistan Super League or PCB in any way. This is not an official Pakistan Super League (PSL) game and all the teams or players are fictional.

14. Cricket World Cup Fever:


Cricket World Cup Fever

On number 10 we have Cricket World Cup Fever, which can be played according to the international rules and is compatible with almost all supported Android devices. The game has good quality of graphics as well as sound (background music).

It allow players to choose their favorite cricket team, players can also play this game in four different modes:

  1. Quick Match
  2. PowerPlay
  3. Turn-Base (Pass-N-Play)
  4. World Cup

Download the game now from Google Play Store

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