Download Uber Lite App for iOS / Android to Save Space & Data

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Uber Lite App for Android and iOS

Almost all of the famous apps available on Android & iOS launch the lighter version of the app to cater users who do not have enough space in their phones and recently Uber has also been added into the list by introducing Uber Lite App in South Asian Markets in June 2018 and the app has finally arrived in Pakistan too.

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The new Uber Lite is much lighter in size than the original app. The app will be popular amongst people who have less space in their devices. Moreover, the app on the initial basis was only introduced for developing markets in India but gradually Uber is extending its business all around the world.

If we talk about the app, it has the same functionality and features as Uber non-lite version. Its affordable, easy-to-use and what not. Here is how to request a personal ride on Uber Lite App:

  1. Open the App

    Uber Light App

  3. Confirm your location and tap to choose your destination

    Uber Light App Simple

  5. Choose Vehicle Type and confirm your ride

    Uber Light App Reliable

Download Uber Lite today

That was all about Uber Lite App for iOS and Android. Stay tuned!

Uber Lite App for Android and iOS