Warid Advance Balance Code 2019 and Regular Loan / Super Loan (Latest)

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Warid Advance Balance Code 2019 and Regular Loan / Super Loan (Latest)

Warid customers can get an instant advance balance called Warid Regular Loan by simply dialing this code *112# OR they can also send in message AB to 7676 anytime to receive advance loan of Rs. 15/- Offer Service charges are Rs. 3.50 (Incl. tax) But that’s not all, as Warid has introduced another offer called Warid Super Loan with which customers can get Rs. 30/- Offer Service charges are Rs. 7 (Incl. tax).

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Warid Advance Service Code:

  1. Amount which will be given as a loan to the customer Rs. 15/-
  2. Warid Loan Code *112#
  3. Offer Service Charges Rs. 3.50 (Incl. tax)

There are 2 methods to get Warid Regular Loan, customer’s balance should be less than Rs. 15 to avail this service. Please follow simple steps given below:

Method 1:

  1. Go to Dialpad option
  2. Type code *112#
  3. Within a few seconds, you will receive Warid Advance Balance of Rs. 15/-

Method 2:

  1. Go to Write Message option in your phone
  2. Type AB
  3. Send it to 7676
  4. In next step, you will receive Warid Advance loan of Rs. 15/-

Warid Super Loan:

  1. Amount which will be given as a loan to the customer Rs. 30/-
  2. Warid Super Loan code *112#
  3. Subscription Charges are Rs. 7 (Incl. tax)
  4. Subscribe to Warid Super Advance Balance by dialing *112# or sending “AB” to 7676
  5. Sending any other keywords or even a blank SMS to 7676 will get you subscribed to  Super loan service.

Warid Advance Balance Unsubscribe Method:

  • Warid can easily Unsubscribe to Advance Balance Service by dialing *112*4# or by sending UNSUB to 7676  

Terms & Conditions:

  • Service charges shall be applicable over and above the Advance balance amount
  • No extra charges or taxes apply on the Advance Balance amount apart from the Service charges
  • Once the Advance balance limit is consumed, the subscriber will need to recharge/top-up via the conventional methods available
  • There are no charges for sending SMS to 7676, service charges will be charged only on successful Advance Balance transaction
  • Service is available for Warid Prepaid Subscribers only
  • Customer will need to clear any pending Advance Balance amounts before applying for additional loans
  • For more information, please visit Warid Official Website

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