World’s first Holographic cellphone is coming soon

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World’s first Holographic cellphone is coming soon

Yep, that’s right as a company already famous for designing high-end professional grade cameras – RED
has announced its plans to enter the cellphone industry. But this time it’s not just going to be another Android phone in fact this brand new upcoming Holographic unique cellphone by RED will be called the Hydrogen One which comes with a Holographic display.

Although, the company has not shown a functioning prototype to date, but still according to reports and latest updates we can give you some chunks of how this yet to be launched device will work with a small list of features, let’s talk about the very basic feature first that makes this cellphone unique and different from other Android devices and that is its 5.7-inch display which is capable of showing not only 2D but also 3D
content. Not only this, but this device also supports interactive content such as games and media that surely opens up new horizons for VR, AR and MP Applications.

Moreover, the display uses “nanotechnology” to allow holographic experiences and the device comes with USB Type-C. According to the founder of the company – Jim Jannard, “The technology that RED is going to introduce is unlike anything that has reached the market”.

Hydrogen One will also support multi-dimensional audio through its speakers via a new algorithm in order to add a visual treat. The device is said to ship in the first quarter of the next year (2018). The Hydrogen One starts at $1195 for the Aluminium Version and $1595 for the Titanium Version. The device is up for pre-orders here . Stay connected for more updates.

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