An overview of 5 Best Youtube Alternative Apps to try out in 2019

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5 Best Youtube Alternative Apps

As we all know that Youtube is one of the top streaming sites when it specifically comes to popularity. Unfortunately, a lot of people face issues in using the official app hence they do not prefer using the app and look for some other alternatives. In this article, we will share complete details with you of the top Youtube app alternatives in 2019.

1. Vimeo:


Vimio Logo

Vimeo lets you discover amazing videos based on your liking or you can also upload your own videos. The app offers some great features:


Vimio Video Sharing

  1. Stream Videos in full 1080p HD
  2. Save videos to watch later
  3. Chromecast videos to bigger screen
  4. Upload/Share videos

Download Vimeo today from the Google Play Store

2. Dailymotion:


DailyMotion Logo

If you are a video lover then Dailymotion is the right choice for you as the app enable users to explore latest content. You can also follow your favorite channels, celebrities, people or topics. Here are all the detailed features of the app:


DailyMotion Video Sharing

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  1. Discover Daily Pulse
  2. Save videos to watch later
  3. Sava data by taking your library anywhere for absolutely free
  4. Update or build your own video library
  5. Craft your own video playlist according to your liking

Download Dailymotion now

3. Netflix:


Netflix Logo

Netflix is the world’s leading subscription service, that allow users to watch TV episodes and favorite movies on their device. The app delivers the best experience anywhere anytime.


Netflix Video Sharing

Users can get the free app as a part of their Netflix membership to instantly watch thousands of TV episodes as well as movies on their devices. The app is free to download, contains ads and offers in-app purchases.

Download Netflix




On number 4 we have IGTV by Instagram. This app allow users to watch long-form vertical videos from their favourite instagram creators. The app offers tons of exciting features, some of them are listed below:


IGTV Video Sharing

  1. Easily Download the app and Sing in with your Instagram account.
  2. Browse videos or search for a specific creator’s channel as per your choice
  3. You can also like or comment on videos and can also send those videos to your friends
  4. Discover creators and follow them right away from IGTV to stay updated with exclusive content

Download IGTV

5. Twitch:


Twitch Logo

Twitch is one of the best Youtube Alternatives and is specially suitable for people who prefer watching gaming videos. The app enable users to watch live stream gaming videos, any IRL Broadcast or Esports on any supported Android device.

The App offers in-app purchases, contains Ads. For more information


Twitch Video Sharing

download the app Here

That’s pretty much about 5 best Youtube Alternatives to watch your favorite videos in 2019. Stay tuned for more interesting news and updates coming your way.

5 Best Youtube Alternative Apps