AWAL TELECOM initiates Mobile Services Launch in South Waziristan

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AWAL TELECOM initiates Mobile Services Launch in South Waziristan

AWAL Telecommunication has recently collaborated with Pakistan’s one of the largest Cellular Operators in order to initiate the formal launch of Mobile Network Services on its Tower Infrastructure in the South Waziristan FATA region. This initiative will surely help bridge the communication gap between the people of FATA and rest of the country.

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According to AWAL TELECOM Spokesperson:

“Telecommunication and connectivity are the key factors of sustainable economic development of the FATA areas which were long deprived of these pivotal elements. And AWAL Telecom is the only Tower Company which has taken this initiative to light up these areas by establishing Telecom Tower Infrastructures to provide a ready platform to the cellular operators for launching their services”

The company (AWAL TELECOM) has undoubtedly played an important role in reference of the Infrastructure completion, services provisioning and connectivity in one of the largest cities of South Waziristan named as ‘WANA’.

AWAL TELECOM definitely is also looking forward to expand its business to other areas of South Waziristan Agency and North Waziristan Agency in near future.

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