Nayatel introduces Human Resource Management System (HRMS) for Businesses – Complete Details

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Nayatel introduces Human Resource Management System (HRMS) for Businesses – Complete Details

If you run a Business or have plans to start your business then surely it’s going to be a good news for you, as Nayatel has launched HRMS system that actually help employers to manage every single thing related to their employees be it Employees’ Basic Profile, Payroll Management, Training or Development Programs, Leaves Management, Attendance Management System (AMS) or Employees evaluation. This newly introduced system covers all aspects.              

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Nayatel HRMS System Solution basically comprises of 6 modules which cover all prime aspects of a human capital management program and it also ensures hassle-free management of employee data catering to major Human Resources domains with detailed reporting. It’s cost-effective, convenient and saves a lot of time. Please find complete details along with features of Nayatel Human Resource Management System (HRMS) below:  


Following is the list of all salient features of Human Resource Management System (HRMS)

Basic Profile

  1. Employee Profile
  2. Reporting
  3. Intelligent Search
  4. Dashboard with quick overview of workforce behaviors such as leaves, resignations or fresh hirings etc. in the current month

Leave Management

  1. Apply Leave
  2. Leave Approval
  3. Leave Approval Authority
  4. Leave History
  5. Pending Leaves Approval notification on Dashboard
  6. Leave email pop ups
  7. Reporting

Payroll Management:

  1. Monthly or Annual increments
  2. Allowance or deductions
  3. Leave encashment
  4. Reporting
  5. Tax management
  6. Medical claims

Training or Development:

  1. Post training evaluation
  2. Training Calendar
  3. Request Training Form
  4. Propose Training application
  5. Reporting

Attendance Management System:

  1. View Daily Attendance
  2. Update work schedule
  3. Calculate overtime
  4. Calculate working hours
  5. Mark manual attendance
  6. Overtime approval
  7. Pending attendance completion
  8. Add gazetted holidays
  9. Reporting

Employee Evaluation:

  1. Perform evaluation
  2. Edit/delete evaluation
  3. Evaluation edit rights management
  4. Evaluation form creation
  5. Evaluation form assignment
  6. Evaluation authority
  7. Evaluation reminder
  8. Auto evaluation
  9. Privilege of grievance
  10. Reporting

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In our opinion, this is surely a good initiative taken by nayatel and it will definitely help Employers’ manage their Businesses conveniently. Stay tuned for more upcoming updates and interesting news.

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