PTA will implement Device Identification Registration & Blocking System (DIRBS) on Dec 1st

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PTA will implement Device Identification Registration & Blocking System (DIRBS) on Dec 1st

As we all are aware, PTA has launched Device Identification, Registration & Blocking System also known as DIRBS to block smuggled and stolen devices. PTA has confirmed that they are finally going to implement this system on 1st December 2018.

Press Release – PTA Device Identification, Registration & Blocking System (DIRBS)  

With a focus to curtail the counterfeit mobile devices usage, discourage mobile theft and protect user interest and in line with Telecom policy 2015, issued by Ministry of Information Technology & Telecom section 9.6, PTA has developed or established a system called Device Identification Registration & Blocking System (DIRBS) at PTA premises, which will be implemented on 1st December, 2018.

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What is DIRBS:

DIRBS is basically a forward working system and is developed to cater for no service interruption for all Pakistani cellular mobile service consumers. All mobile phones, such as non-compliant that are active on cellular mobile networks within the country till 1st December, 2018 will remain operational and not be blocked, interrupted from mobile services.

To facilitate any consumer currently using non-compliant mobile phones (15 digit IMEI of mobile phone is not as per international standards), Pakistan Telecommunication Authority, aka (PTA) shall auto-pair all such IMEIs with their mobile numbers and they will remain operational without any service interruption after December 1st, 2018. After DIRBS implementation on 1st of December, 2018 any new mobile phone programmed with a non-standard IMEI number will be considered as non-compliant and will not be allowed any mobile operation such as connectivity/service in Pakistani territory as per PTA/DIRBS regulations and policies.

PTA is carrying out extensive awareness campaign to educate masses on DIRBS and is also sending informatory text messages to all mobile users in order to notify status of their mobile device in use on any Pakistani cellular mobile network.

For all Pakistani mobile device customers who want to know the status of a device are encouraged to send each 15-digit IMEI number through SMS to 8484. The status of the mobile phone can also be checked through PTA website link or by installing DIRBS android mobile application available on the Google Play Store.

How to Check Device IMEI and Verify it:

To know your mobile device’s IMEI number, please follow one of the methods given below:

  1. Dial *#06# as a result you will receive a 15-digits IMEI number, note it down
  2. IMEI number is also printed at the back of Mobile phone and customers can also check it by removing the back cover/battery (if removable) of their devices.

PTA DIRBS will send one of the following messages to IMEI query as mentioned below:

  • Compliant IMEI: This means that your cell phone is approved by PTA. No further action is required. Keep using your phone.
  • Non-Compliant IMEI: This message indicates that the device IMEI number isn’t approved by PTA. Hence, the SIM which you are using will automatically be paired with the IMEI number of your cell phone. You will be able to use your device after 1st December 2018. Your device IMEI will be paired with your SIM number. No further action is required. Just keep using your device.
  • Valid IMEI: This text message response from PTA indicates that your device IMEI is valid but not approved by PTA. Insert a local mobile network SIM in the mobile device that you don’t want to blocked after 1st December 2018 and do any commercial activity for instance; Make a Call (to anyone), Send SMS or use Internet on your device. PTA will mark your device as Compliant.
  • Stolen IMEI: This message indicates that the IMEI number which you sent to 8484 is already reported as Stolen. This means that the device you purchase is reported as Stolen and no further action can be taken. It will be blocked after 1st December 2018.

All mobile phone users in Pakistan are requested to check their device IMEI status latest by 1st December 2018 to avoid any inconvenience after the given time frame through sending 15 digit IMEI number to 8484, PTA DIRBS or DIRBS for Android App and always purchase PTA approved mobile devices. For further assistance please visit Stay tuned for more updates.

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