How to Register Mobile Phones via USSD *8484# (Step-by-Step Guide)

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How to Register Mobile Phones via USSD *8484# (Step-by-Step Guide)

In our previous articles, we have already shared complete details about PTA DIRBS (Device Identification, Registration & Blocking System), how to combat the issue of snatched/ stolen, smuggled or unregistered mobile phones devices.

Since, this is an ongoing story, hence we have come up with a latest update that the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has announced, that mobile phone users can now register mobile devices via USSD Code *8484#

To register your mobile device via USSD Code Method, you will need to Go to > Phone Dialer & Type *8484# > Afterwards a window will pop-up with the options that are mentioned below:

  1. Register Mobile Device
  2. Track Registration Status
  3. Delete/Remove Registration Request
  4. Mobile Device Count Register against your CNIC
  5. Check Device Status

As you can see above, that there are 5 fields available, with which you can choose your desired option according to your requirement. In case, if you want to get your device registered, then there are 2 cases:

  1. If you are a Pakistani (Local / International Traveler / Dual Nationality Holder)
  2. If you are a Foreigner (Traveller or Visa)

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1. Requirement for Case 1

(Local, International Traveler, Dual Nationality Holder):

  • For First Mobile device, enter the following: CNIC, Passport, Single IMEI, Dual IMEI, Triple IMEI, Fourth IMEI
  • For Local or International Traveler four (04) Other devices in a year can be registered, enter the following CNIC, Passport, Single IMEI, Dual IMEI, Triple IMEI, Fourth IMEI
  • For Device Registration (Applicable Tax) please enter: CNIC, Single IMEI, Dual IMEI, Triple IMEI & Fourth IMEI

2. Requirement for Case 2 (Traveler or Visa):

  • Passport no, Single IMEI, Dual IMEI, Triple IMEI, Fourth IMEI

3. How to check Mobile Device Count against your CNIC:

  • For Case 1 (Local / International Traveler) Enter CNIC No#
  • For Case 2 (Foreigners) Enter Passport No#

4. How to Check Device Registration Status:

  • MJ*******

5. How to Delete/Remove Registration Request:

  • MJ*******

6. How to Check Device Status:

  • Enter Device IMEI Number

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority has also started various awareness campaigns through Television Advertisements & SMS. Besides aforementioned device status checking method, customers can also visit PTA Website to check the status of their device online. For further assistance, please call PTA Toll Free Helpline 0800-55055 OR +92-51-9225325. You can also send your complaints at [email protected] For queries, suggestions and feedback please send your emails at[email protected]

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